Probably one of the first things you notice when you login into TimeWalk are the ads. They are BIG, imposing, impressing. And this wasn’t necessarily by design. We wanted to replicate Times Square, New York as well as we could and the billboards are an integrated part of this extremely popular place.

But while we can replicate the billboards, we don’t need to replicate the content. This means that your ad can be in TimeWalk and, for a limited time, for FREE.

  • Do you want to showcase your products and services in a new and unique way?
  • Do you want to take advantage of our marketing and promote your company?
  • Is your company VR-related?

Advertise in our virtual version of Times Square and make your ad visible to a new audience. It’s a simple way to get more attention to your brand, you are among the first to use a new and innovative advertising medium.  You’ll also be one of the first companies to use TimeWalk, a social media VR platform that will change the game in the next years, for business purposes.

Get your ad up there on the billboards. We’re offering the first 60 days of ad space completely free. Why not take advantage of this?

Contact us today to receive further details.

And if you haven’t tried TimeWalk by now get FREE early access today and join hundreds of users!

If you haven’t heard by now, TimeWalk is the first realistic 3D Social Media Platform with practical applications in e-commerce, real estate, travel, socializing and more. 

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