Integrated the No Touch GUI System for Cardboard into the Apartment app for cardboard – you can now move and explore the apartment using your mobile device (I’m going to post a video tomorrow morning)

  • worked on the advertising system – measured the size of the billboards in 3DS Max and I introduced the data into an Excel file where using a formula I calculated the optimal resolution for each Billboard, and then created the textures in photoshop

Billboard1 Billboard2 BillboardData


  • by measuring the billboards we can avoid the stretching of the ads
  • Reworked all the street details for the Helicopter android app for better performance and size
  • for example we used to have 195 sewers (111 triangles each, 21645 total) – now we have 222 triangles total for 195 sewers using a Quad and transparent textures

CanalAfter CanalBefore CanalComparisson


CanalTrotAfter CanalTrotBefore CanalTrotComparisson

StalpMicAfter StalpMicBefore

FatherDuffyAfter FatherDuffyBefore StalpMediuAfter StalpMediuBefore StatuieAfter StatuieBefore



Cristian Bronescu

— TS Helicopter Demo Oculus—-


– created UI Menu :

— Play Demo – goes to Helicopter Crash Scene

— added “Go to Main Menu” and “Return” Buttons in UI Menu

— Just Fly  – goes to Helicopter Animation Path Level where player has the possiblity to increase speed and sides tilt

— Settings – with following submenus: video, audio etc.

— About Us – redirects to our website

— Quit – ends up demo

TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-42-56-20 TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-43-07-99

TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-41-35-01 TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-41-51-94

– created 3d pointer for Oculus support, mapping the mouse cursor

– tweaked helicopter animation path

– tweaked helicopter smoke( changing smoke color to dark, only makes it invisible)

– made posibility to switch between menu/helicopter ovr cameras (esc key)


— TS Helicopter Demo Windows —-


– made a FPS Camera having same menus as on Oculus Version, for presentations, etc.

TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-44-19-26

TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-36-43 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-41-98 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-46-10 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-50-33



— TS Helicopter Demo Andoird —-


– remade a new project with simplified location(all buildings except street details) and basic helicopter logic

– build having 80MB, can be improved a little (eliminate duplicate source images)

Unity 2015-05-13 21-31-19-22 Unity 2015-05-13 21-31-49-57 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-05-49 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-17-80 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-43-73 Unity 2015-05-26 13-47-17-01 Unity 2015-05-26 13-49-29-88


— TS Helicopter Demo iOS —-


– project conversion failed on XCode, mainly because of Google CardBoard SDK- not compatible with iOS

– found a modified Cardboard SDK for iOS , need to be tested

– found a alternative for Cardboard SDK, called Dive SDK from Durovis available for iOS and Android, had to be tested also


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