I have never met my grandfather, but I still feel I know him a little bit. He was a strong, tall and handsome man, my mother tells me. He had confident and penetrating blue eyes, something rare in our family where the dominant eye color is brown. According to my mom he was hard-working, brave and respected in his community. Although he lived in a time when opportunities were scarce and hard work meant a whole different thing than it means today, he managed to keep a household of six and send all his children to school, even in the most difficult of times. I would have loved to meet him, ask him about life, about what he thought and what his values were. Unfortunately, that is not possible for me.

There were no recorders in his time and even when there were, he did not have access to them. He wrote nothing and left nothing of his thoughts and beliefs. He did left a legacy through his children, his home and his moral values passed on by my mother, but I can`t have a conversation with him.  “And how could you?” I hear you whisper. So far nobody managed to talk with their ancestors, so how could I?

Things are completely different for us today. We might not be able to talk with our loved ones who passed away, but we can make sure that our children and grandchildren will be able to tap into our knowledge, have a conversation with us or ask us questions even long after we are gone from this Earth.

Life insurance is for leaving money, TimeWalk is for being around forever


Your computer and smartphone are already smart enough in order to recognize your voice, follow commands and even answer some of your questions. So we`ve thought about programming this kind of abilities in order to create a virtual 3D humanoid, one who looks like us, talks like us and stores whatever information we want it to store.  We`ve designed TimeWalk humanoids to be able to learn how we speak, to emulate our personality and, in the end, to be able to hold a conversation on their own with anyone.

This does not happen overnight. It happens over the course of several months or even years of using TimeWalk and in concordance with what you allow your humanoid to remember. The process is completely under your control privacy-wise, but the  possibilities are virtually limitless.

Your 3D avatar will be able, in 10, 20 or 50 years from now, to chat with anyone you give it access to: your children, grandchildren, your followers or friends.  It will have your voice, it will speak your words, make your jokes, give your advice and answer intelligently and naturally to questions. It will be an almost perfect virtual copy of yourself in a virtual world your family will be able to access anytime they want.


If grandpa would have had access to TimeWalk I would now be able to log into TimeWalk on my laptop or using an Oculus Rift device and chat with him on the porch of his modest house. I would see his wrinkled face and will be able to meet his gaze. I`d see his clothes blown discreetly by the wind and study his hair or the way he smiles.

He would be able to tell me about his day, about how he cared for his horses and how the crop was that year. He would ask about my kids and give caring advice. I would ask and he would answer. And I would be immensely grateful for the opportunity.

This opportunity has passed for our loved ones, who are not among us now, but it`s a reality for you and me. Technology allows it and our developers are hard at work to make it possible at least in an incipient phase this year.

I ask you know, do you want to leave behind more than a home, an inheritance, a video or a book? Do you want to be there for you children or grandchildren when they need you the most?

Help us launch TimeWalk sooner so you can be on your way to teaching your TimeWalk humanoid who you are.  Support TimeWalk and get early access to the platform. Believe in the future, because we are the ones who need to create it.


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