You`re doing just fine with the reality you`re already in, the palpable and seemingly “real” one. And I must agree with you, real life is challenging enough. We have plenty of things to deal with on a daily basis, so how could a virtual reality, even a realistic 3D one, possibly be of use? It can, and I`m going to explain exactly how.

We`re often under the impression that we are just fine with what currently we have. People were just fine with horses before cars came along and pretty much took horses out of the picture. They were just fine without computers, they somehow managed to survive all those years without them, and now we can`t imagine life without our Mac or PC. Human race did just fine without social media and things like Twitter, and now we`re furious when those things are taken away. Why? It`s obvious, because we were just fine and nothing more. As humans we also feel the need to evolve, to make life a little better every day, to improve something.

I wish I wouldn`t have to go on that path again and tell you that technology empowers us, you`ve heard that plenty of times before. But it did, it does and will continue to do so. If nothing more, it makes our lives a lot easier.

So let`s get back to our virtual reality conundrum. Why is that even desirable?

The short answer is that we truly don`t know what will come out of TimeWalk, the 3D Virtual Replica of (almost) the entire Earth which we`re developing. When you give people the power to scan their own environment or products and upload or publish it in a 3D format you are offering a tool that a creative mind can use in fabulous ways.  When you can walk around in Trafalgar Square and meet and chat with friends while you`re still on your couch in New York, anything can happen. When you give people the ability to talk to their ancestors in a real 3D simulation, who knows what will come out of that. So, honestly, we don`t know the whole story yet.

But what we do know is that we`ll make a few worthy things possible. TimeWalk will allow people who are not able to travel right now to see the places they always dreamt of. It will allow doctors to assist in surgeries that take place hundreds of miles away. It will help working moms to work from home and long-distance lovers to chat in a more realistic environment. We`ll allow busy people to shop easier and faster in a unique way and artists to showcase their work to more people allowing them to earn a little extra.

Don`t forget one thing, you`re already fully immersed in a virtual world, even by reading this article, which you`ve probably found on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Many hours of your day are spent in a virtual world, which is still somewhat limited. What we`re doing is to make this virtual world more potent, bigger, easier to use and life-like. We`re making it 3D and ready for incredible customization and content sharing. We`re creating something that will help humanity to evolve a little bit and because of that it`s all worth it.


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