29th of August was a big day for us. After a few hard but fun months we managed to launch the very first version of the demo of the virtual world that we are creating, on schedule with what we promised on Indiegogo.

It’s only a private beta right now, with Indiegogo contributors, a handful of fans, partners and potential investors being able to access it. There’s still more work that needs to be done and we had to solve multiple challenges, but we made it and we are super positive about the potential of VR and especially TimeWalk.

The demo works on most browsers and almost any computer with a decent video board and you need nothing more than to install a plug-in. Once logged in you can choose the male or female humanoid and dress him or her up by customizing the clothes. Then you’re in Times Square and hopefully you’ll have a friend in there to so you can chat and explore the 3D model together.

We implemented voice chat and a regular chat successfully and the humanoid can run, jump, crouch and kick. Of course, more features will be implemented gradually and in a month’s time we will have a more advanced version and, most probably, the shooter version ready also.

If you already have the log in data go to www.timewalk.tw/early_access and let us know what you think about it and what you want us to add in there.

See you inside.



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