Hi everyone!


We haven’t posted much lately because we worked intensely on a surprise for you guys.


You’ve probably noticed some new stuff on some weekly updates: a new logo (AdrenaPure) and some intriguing photos and videos of what seemed to be a helicopter flight. So here’s the surprise:


We are launching a new stand-alone application. (here is the demo)


Created to pump up your adrenaline levels, this VR app will be available for your iPhone or Android smartphone as well as for the Oculus Rift.


This is a TimeWalk project and as you know all our efforts and resources are invested in the bigger TimeWalk project. However, we really want to make AdrenaPure known worldwide and offer an intense  VR experince, which will show what you can do with this technology. How to do it? Kickstarter!


Our AdrenaPure Project is LIVE on Kickstarter


We also launched a Kickstarter campaign for AdrenaPure to raise the funds needed for the development our application (mainly for the licenses we need to purchase). We’re not asking for an outrageous amount and we feel really confident this will get done.


We’re also giving cool stuff like:

–       The full version of Adrenapure and further updates

–       A Cardboard VR headset

–       An Adrenapure T-shirt

–       Lifetime Early Access to Timewalk

–       And more.


You can check out our campaign here and get an exclusive preview of the app through the free demo you can try right now.


Be careful, this is an intense app! It’s even more exciting than the famous Roller Coaster VR app you might know from Oculus and you’ll have it with you on your smartphone everywhere.



Please check out the campaign and help us by sharing, liking or even backing our campaign!


Thank you!

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