There is no way of telling what the distant future holds in store for us and naturally, we are a bit concerned. In the context of creating a complete and realistic 3D virtual reality that copies almost everything on Earth, the issue of “will this replace everything we know?” comes up, even if faintly.

When devices like Oculus Rift – one which enables you to step inside a virtual reality – are already available, we start to wonder what comes next.  And sure, the future is somewhat mysterious. You can already explore 3D worlds with special glasses and scientists are working on technology that allows you to feel objects in thin air or to re-create the sensation of touch. The latter is not entirely possible or accessible, but it soon will be. It`s a scary and exciting thought. Part of us wants it to happen because it is extremely cool, but another part likes the way things are right now.

Technology gains more and more ground in our lives and new platforms and devices are launched almost every day. Some will be accepted by the public and some won`t, but something as exciting as a 3D virtual reality in which you can fully immerse will surely create interest. And yes, in 50 years from now we might be able to immerse so deep in the virtual reality that we won`t feel it to be much different, especially if it will be super-stimulating and easy to control, but we don`t think that it will eliminate the “real world.”

What`s my argument?

I think we are first and foremost physical beings. We like to touch and feel. Most of the controls in your car could be made to be solely digital, but we still feel the need for physical buttons. Can you really imagine a volume button that is not really a button or something similar? We trust physical buttons or handles more and through them we feel that we have more control. Musicians still feel the need to connect with physical and somewhat traditional instruments, they need controllers. The gaming industry realized that touchscreens go better with tactile controls.  We need to interact with something more than a screen, at least for now.

And we don`t give up the real world that easily. Look around you. Yes, people are always checking their smartphones, but they are also out and about. They go to work, they drive cars, they socialize, meet other people, love and are loved. We use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to socialize and discuss or to create, not to abolish our current reality. There are exceptions, of course. Some do choose to spend 16 hours in front of the computer, to isolate themselves. That`s their choice and they have a right to do that, but most of us aren`t doing it. Virtual realities are in a sense very much available to us, but we still know what is truly meaningful, what matters.

TimeWalk can`t exist without the physical reality

TimeWalk won`t be some completely isolated virtual world people can get lost into, unless they really want that. It is a copy of the real world in a realistic 3D environment. Only what exists in the real world can exist in TimeWalk. If in the X spot on the planet you have the Eiffel Tower, in TimeWalk you`ll also have the Eiffel Tower, nothing more or less.

In our view what we are creating is a new world that is interconnected with the real world. Products ordered in TimeWalk will be shipped in the real world. What you visit in TimeWalk exists in the real world. The humanoids you meet in the platform look like the real people who created them and they learn the personality and behavior of their owners.

Will TimeWalk help you to communicate with someone who`s far away and to feel him or her close to you again? Yes. Will it allow you to showcase your real products and sell more of them? Of course. Can you use it to travel? Sure. Will it replace the need to go outside and meet friends in a park and organize a picnic? We don`t think so.

We`re not replacing, we`re facilitating.

What are your thoughts on this? Will we live only in virtual realities in the not so distant future?


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