What those two have in common, or better said why would you put those two together?

My wife and I are looking to buy a house for some time. The main problem is that we don’t have time to really go out and see everything we find in ads. I’ts a really time consuming thing. You have to see where the house is situated, what’s around it, How much land it has, How the house is situated on that land. How’s the plan of the house. In ads they gave you a sketch, but unless you are somehow a magician you will never know how small it really feels a 18 square meters living room until you get in there and you see it with your eyes.

While going and seeing .. around 30 houses i was imagining how cool would have been to have everything set up with an Oculus .. and see it all in Virtual Reality. I don’t need more than 10 minutes to each house to know if I like it or not. Imagine I’ve lost about 2-3 hours for each house. With a VR setup I could see around 10-18 houses in the same 2-3 hours. How much time I would gain.
I imagine this time earned would be beneficial for the real estate companies as well. Imagine how much time they’ve lost .. going on the field with each client. Imagine how much time they could earn with a VR setup somewhere in their office! You only have to go to their office, you put that helmet on, you explain to the realtor what you want .. and they shuffle tens of houses in front of your eyes without leaving that office.

You can see yourself in there, see how that space feels like. You can instantly know if the living room is to small, or the roof is to close, or the windows are to narrow. If the realtor really respects himself and his clients, He would make a 1:1 copy of the house, you will even know if you like all those little small touches like colors and textures.

I do believe in Virtual Reality future and the multiple applications it could be used. It comes with great joy to let you know that TimeWalk will also have a Real Estate component to it’s major platform. Something that will let you see the house in relation to all the other elements(what neighborhood is in , what stores you have around you, how far is the closest Cinema, elevation of the courtyard/street, etc).

Stay tuned on our blog and social channels and we’ll let you know what and how we do on our platform!

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