The home is one of the most essential necessities of the human race, next to food and clothing.

We do not know too much of the role of a home in ancient times; we know that it was always a place where families and tribes used to gather, eat, celebrate and rest. We can also deduct the importance of a home by the personal touch and by the impressions we find, starting with the cave paintings of the Neolithic and Paleolithic times to the extravagant Roman Empire villas to today’s modern, computerized home of the average citizen.

The homes are not only shelters, they are more profound, giving us a sense of security, peace and integrity; they “contain food and fire for the mind as well for the body”.

Little we might think of the future virtual homes, or what role they will play in our lives, but we may soon find ourselves hooked on these gadgets, just like we did with other technologies like electricity, gas, phones, internet and so on…

TimeWalk is giving you the Virtual Home of your dreams or an identical virtual copy of the one you have today. Soon, a virtual home in TimeWalk will be your gateway for everything you can imagine. It will be the entrance point into TimeWalk social media platform; from where you will be able to reach any VR and 3D platform on the planet.

Your VR home will be linked to your real physical home, a virtual portal where you can get inspired and improve your life.

From your VR Home, you could:

  • Open the fridge and order food;
  • Go to the wardrobe, try on clothes and choose what to wear for the party of the night or for next day at work;
  • Teleport to your favorite mall, meet your friends and go on a shopping spree extravaganza.
  • While shopping, simply drag and drop clothes into your wardrobe (you will be able to purchase them on the spot or later);
  • A click on any item in your home will be a link to the physical items in the real world.
    • A click on a light bulb – might take you to the electric company where you can solve any issues
    • A click on the stove – might take you to the payment platform for your natural gas bill
    • A click on anything – can connect you to the supplier instantly
  • Watch the family videos on your TV or link them to YouTube
  • Change the paint or wallpapers of your walls, or order new colors just on one click
  • Redecorate your home virtually, before you do it physically
  • Change the furniture in your house or drag and drop any furniture from any store in VR, check the design before spending any cash in purchasing that furniture
  • Check where your friends are hanging out in the Virtual World, then step in and join them
  • Meet friends and socialize.

The psychology of home will soon change with the adoption of VR Homes by the masses.


It is human nature to distinguish ourselves from other or make a social statement; however, one of the clear benefits in VR Homes will be that we will be able to advertise, sale or buy a house with more ease. One can just teleport and visit a house for sale/rent anywhere on the planet, from the comfort of his computer.

Most Westerners believe that “your psychology, and your consciousness and your subjectivity don’t really depend on the place where you live,” as William S. Sax says in his book, “They come from inside — from inside your brain, or inside your soul or inside your personality.” But for many South Asian communities, a home isn’t just where you are, it’s who you are. It is life´s backstage.

If home is where the heart is, then by its most literal definition, Virtual homes bring a solution to us. I could have a New Year´s drink with my friends and family from all over the world in the comfort of my own place.

Virtual homes might also increase the financial education and involvement to children, allowing them to play games that will engage their imagination and prepare them for the real world.

Memories are also linked to the physical environment. When you visit a place you used to live, these cues can make you revert back to the person you were when you lived there. A virtual copy of your home will make you aware of the past and the present, increase your self-esteem and shape your character.

A home is a home because it blurs the line between the self and the surroundings, and challenges the line we try to draw between who we are and where we are.


Daniel Popa


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