The internet boom was big, the majority of the business were happy to be able to promote their products and services online. And yes, I agree, it did a great job, and is still doing so. And even more, companies like Amazon and eBay came along with great and user friendly tools to help other companies promote their products and help the consumer find products with ease, and so the E-commerce was born. But the nicest thing was that each and every business had a Web Page where they could show-case their products and services in 2D, and sometimes even attach a video via YouTube.

However, by 2013 not everybody was happy with what the internet had to offer, some people wanted more than a great internet tool, some people were thinking of a new vision, a new era in eCommerce, social media and advertisement… and questioned if what the internet offered was enough, or maybe there had to be more to it… and yes, there was! I know because I was one of these people.

TimeWalk is working on a 3D Virtual Commerce Platform. A VR platform that will revolutionize and change the way we shop and interact with the products we are viewing online. Imagine you will be able not only to view products in 3D, but you will be able to also test their functionality and view them at work, or view them in your home, before you have even purchased them.

Imagine you are shopping for furniture for your home, but before you even think about spending that kind of cash, you will be able to drag and drop that furniture into the TimeWalk virtual replica of your home. You will be able to immerse yourself in your 3D Virtual home and view the furniture you plan on buying… but this time you will view it in the room where you wanted it… in your own 3D VR Home and from any angle. You will be able to invite family members to look at it, and while you are all immersed in this Virtual Reality, into a 3D replica of your home, you may discuss and hear their opinion on the furniture… or maybe you all decide to teleport to other Virtual Furniture stores to find your favorite furniture.

Or, imagine you want a new pair of jeans, a new dress, or new shoes… what one usually does, we go online and look at 2D pictures of our favorite brands, then we buy… well that will soon change… what TimeWalk proposes is that you try on your favorite brand, see how it fits instead of hoping and praying that the size you choose fits you. And then you can pair up your new pair of jeans with shoes or with your favorite shirt. You may even send it to your Virtual Wardrobe, try it on and see what it will match of the tens of other things you have in there… than decide what to purchase… Or simply just send it to your Virtual Wardrobe and try it on later. You will never forget where you’ve seen that beautiful dress, for it will always be in your VR Wardrobe… just click on it and you will be teleported to the original store where you found it in the first place.

This will happen with each and every product… it will be replicated in Virtual Reality. Furthermore, we, here at TimeWalk ,are changing the way internet will be viewed… you will simply teleport to a place, a store, a shop or a business in TimeWalk and engage face-to-face in 3D Virtual Commerce with the employees or the sales team of a company instead of viewing product pictures online.

With TimeWalk, you will soon walk the web at your pace, instead of surfing it.

Every product you will view, will no longer be a still 2D picture, for it will be a 3D render of the real thing.

Well, that is only a small glimpse of what Virtual Commerce will be able to do for you. Follow us at and you will find so many more such glimpses about future VR gadgets in the weeks to come.

Daniel Popa


TimeWalk Inc.

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