I grew up as a child trying to imagine what the future will be like. How humans will live 1,000 years from now. Later, I was asking myself all kinds of questions about technology and the impact of overpopulation, space travel, and whatnot… things that most children are questioning even today! It never crossed my mind that I will be personally laying a brick in forming that future. However, I never wanted to go to, or travel into the future. I was always more interested in finding a way to go back, to travel into the past, if such a thing was possible.

It only occurred to me in 2013 how all this could be accomplished. I was so shocked that I could not take my mind off the ramifications of such a possibility for months. Yes, I had finally realized this was achievable through Virtual Reality and AI software combined, in the form of a trip into a Virtual Memory. More than a physical trip thorough the space-time dimension, and yet, the VR Time Travel is just as real as the real experience, for the mind of the traveler will be tricked into believing the things he sees, and on top of that, the images he sees will be the images of the real past, and the people he encounters there are the AI memory of people that really lived in that past. People that trained their Humanoids and loaded their knowledge, their consciousness, into the AI of those Humanoids, those will be the people future travelers will encounter. So, as we develop this project, you should realize that it is you and me, and those around us, our cities and our way of life, those future travelers will encounter!

I immediately started writing down ideas on this possibility, and I started looking for a team that could build such a software for me. I found a great team, and in February 2014 I traveled to meet them in Brasov, a remote city in Transylvania, at the edge of the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania. It would have not been my first project, for I have created 6 other technology companies in the last 12 years, all with over 10 million dollars in yearly revenue. However, this one was special. This one was clearly the biggest project I could have ever imagined and I called it TimeWalk.

Imagine you could use Virtual Reality and the Oculus Rift goggles or any other 3D device to immerse yourself and walk into the past, meet and talk with loved ones that have passed away, or take your children to meet grandparents, and great grandparents, to strengthen the family bond and learn about the family’s heritage.

Take students into VR History and show them the real history, let them feel it and live it as if they were a part of that time. Let them talk to Einstein or Stephen Hawking, see the horrors of war and watch the struggle of global warming and pollution. Let them talk to the inhabitants of different countries and cities and find out the things they believed in… and that is how the real history will be written in the future.

Imagine a doctor 200 years from today, being able to chat with the doctor that conducted the first original experiments on a cure for a complex disease or to the scientist that made a radical breakthrough… imagine the knowledge and the potential of such a thing, imagine the future being part of the past, literally. The ramifications are unimaginable at this time, yet TimeWalk will attempt to do all this and encourage other to join.

The simple fact that future generations will be able to travel into the past, even thousands of years from that day, is because we are imagining, developing and creating the tools for it. We are the ones opening the “GATEWAY”, allowing that access starting today. Join us now, so we can make this dream, this future that we have imagined, come to life!

Daniel Popa


TimeWalk Inc.

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