It may have been ten thousand years ago when humans first started to come together and form communities, invent, develop new tools and share information, yet 2000 years ago they formed the greatest civilization that ever existed, the Roman civilization… a civilization not only built on technology and innovation, but a civilization that was savvy for information and it went to great extents to obtain it… even to the point of the sword.

Over the ages, people invented Agriculture, domesticated Animals, and created tools to make their lives easier. Every generation stepped forward, rising on the knowledge of its predecessors and the knowledge became a stream of information that humanity could not have evolved without. There were the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the invention of Flight, the invention of Computing and then, the technological “Big BANG”… the Internet Era happened. If one looks back only 100 years, people were coming to USA in sail and steam boats, and the automobile was the laughing stock of many. 50 years ago, one could not imagine a color TV, only about 20 years ago cell phones became known and affordable to the masses and 15 years ago Internet and Email was a thing of wonder.  That’s when Google happened, with about 30 employees,  then Amazon, then eBay. 10 years ago the “dot com” era was at it’s peak and when it crashed, it left a lot of people wandering: what will happen next in the field of technology? And then .. the SOCIAL wave happened with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype and many more…

Than in August 2012… a new Technology is born… a Technology unimaginable, unheard of and unthinkable, just as intriguing as the ones before it but even more powerful than the Internet Itself. THIS IS THE OCULUS RIFT! This technology brought back a long forgotten tech that is the 3D Virtual Reality.

Then, in 2014, Oculus Rift breaks the ice and the first 3D goggles come out…and then the owners get 2 billion dollars for their invention from Facebook. And this is only the beginning of this great technology, you are merely seeing the tip of the iceberg.

If internet got to where it is today in just 10 years, then 3D Virtual Reality is the new reality of the present.

Imagine, with 3D Virtual Reality you can roam the internet, not in a browser window, but in a Simulated Reality platform and you can interact with anything and anyone in 3D. Imagine you can instantly travel to cities like New York, Paris, Dubai or San-Francisco in 3D Simulated Reality and do your shopping, meet people, do business or just visit and interact. That is what the 3D VR will give humanity in the next few years. Imagine you can have front seats to your favorite game or at your favorite theatere play or favorite show. You can be present at a new song release by your favorite artist or on the sets of your favorite movie. Almost everything you can do in real life, you can do in the TimeWalk Simulated Reality. And here is the creepy part of it… your humanoid is an (AI), Artificial Intelligence, and will soon be able to represent you in this Simulated Reality. You will be able to teach it all you know, and it will behave just like you, and represent you to future generations.

This is not Time Travel, but is not far from it, because future generations will be able to go back in time, visit and chat with you in TimeWalk, just as intelligently as you chat with anyone around you today. Imagine, what if Einstein would have had a chance to load his thoughts into a TimeWalk AI? You or any student in the world, would be able to chat with him today, now, at any minute, anytime… and he would reply to you with the knowledge and intelligence of Einstein himself. That is what TimeWalk Simulated Reality is all about. It’s about the future, it’s about empowering the next generation, empowering the future of humankind.

We shall never waste intelligence through a thing called death, for any one will be able to load it into a Simulated Reality Platform in TimeWalk.

Written by,

Daniel Popa


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