Today we had a meeting with some friends and we talked about TimeWalk. Thise guys are SEO and Market specialists and we had a pleasant evening showing them what we have. We have Paul doing a great job on this department but as we all focused on marketing on this month, we also invited other smart guys to give us ideas, tips and feedback on those matters.

We started by showing some demos of TimeWalk with Oculus Rift and then .. we went back to the beginning of the project. We wanted to help them understand what TimeWalk means for us, how we started and how we got where we are. While talking with them and presenting them our project,  I realized how fortunate we are that we do this. I can agree that we don’t have a perfect product yet (we are far from perfect), and that we have to reach many milestones until someone like Facebook or Google will even bother to look at us, but I realized that we have a great product, a great vision for TimeWalk and a great team. The truth is we got into many problems and many technical difficulties, some where really pain in the a** but we got over them. We had many ups and downs and many team debates over many aspects regarding the path we should take with our project. Today I realized, while trying to show someone else what is TimeWalk that I almost forgot what it was and what made me start working on this project.   Ah .. I wish all meetings would be like the one we had today. Thank you guys, don’t know if we made you understand our vision, but your presence, sure made me rethink and reevaluate everything and it gave me back my long lost perspective 🙂

I was afraid someone from the big companies will hear about our idea and they will steal it and make it their own .. but I have no fear, nobody is going to do our vision. It’s beautiful, it’s huge, some might say it’s an utopia but it’s one of those projects that comes around once in a lifetime.

I’m proud of our team, proud of our work and proud of the things we believe in!

PS: Here is what we started with (and some of our great vision):

PPS: and here is some of what we have now:

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