This is the second year TimeWalk team manages to be present at the mighty Gamescom. We struggled between updating to latest unity, our kickstarter campaign for AdrenaPure and prospecting for possible partners, and we found time and budget for Gamescom.

I will try to describe each day as close as I can. Sorry guys for the delay .. we where way to tiered during those days and we really had a bad internet connection to our hotel(close to none). I made some notes during each day . .and I will try to put everything in there …with as many pictures and details as I can.

Day 1 – the travel day

We manage to fit all 6 of us into a Dacia and after 3 hours we caught our flight to Germany. I think the air holes are way bigger than the holes in Romania asphalt. The pilot managed to get us in Dortmund .. giving us plenty emotions to reflect and compare with our simulated reality from AdrenaPure app.

We had a really bad surprise from the car renting company when we arrived in the airport. First of all .. .they where late and second of it .. the guy was stinking .. and the third part .. the really big surprise … he was asking 1600 euros as a warranty for the car. I have to say that this amount was nowhere mentioned on the sale page when we paid for the rented car. (it was hidden on a another page .. on a link outside their website.. we only found that on Dortmund).

After 2 hours of negotiation .. we refused to pay that car and we found a nice lady @ Hertz which gave us a car .. bending a bit the usual rules 😀 We can’t thank you enough!

We managed to find and arrived at our hotel. The 2 rooms we booked where “lost” and they gave us 3 rooms. After a bit of fun with the guys we all went to bed to rest looking forward for the next day.

Day 2 – the first day at Gamescom

Day 3 – second day at at Gamescom

Day 4 – third day in Germany

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