While we are firm believers that an accurate copy of the world in VR will have many uses, we are also gamers at heart. And that’s why TimeWalk has another very interesting side.

The two facets of TimeWalk

TimeWalk is a bit like Matrix. You can take the red pill or the blue pill. You can choose reality or fantasy. The real thing or the game. Each with its own perks and features.

TimeWalk is also going to be a game. Beyond the virtual world in which normal rules apply, you can access a world where anything is possible. While in one version you can attend a seminar, meet a friend for a chat or shop for the latest clothes in Milano, in the other one you can drive tanks, cars or helicopters, organize a local militia with your friends and take on a group from a rival city in a shooting match, fly or start any game with the 3D look-alike humanoids of your friends.

First person shooters, strategy, sports or adventure games always had a knack of getting you hooked and involved in the story rather quickly. It’s definitely exciting to play the superhero or interact with fantasy figure and incredible characters. And we think we can add to that excitement by allowing you to play in fantasy world with little rules with characters that look exactly like your friends, or even your enemies. A shooter game becomes instantly more interesting, right?

As you might know, in the last few months we perfected the art of creating a look-alike 3D humanoid that can replicate your movements and face gestures. It looks exactly like you and there’s no doubt that your friends will be able to recognize you in the game in the same way they can recognize you when they walk by on the street. And there’s a certain element of excitement that adds up during the game while your realize it has actually become more than just a game. It’s personal now!

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