In the last few months, Virtual Reality gained popularity very fast, and billions of dollars are invested into it by major corporations like Facebook, Google, Samsung and many others.
If you have not yet become a big fan of 3D or Virtual Reality, then you should bring yourself up to speed in order not to be in the dark or not to feel left behind like some many people felt when the Internet Boom started.
You might not yet understand how or why Virtual Reality will change your life in the very near future and you might even be skeptic of this new technology; however it will soon engulf your daily life in all its aspects. One of them will be 3D Real Estate – soon your own property will be part of this virtual 3D world.
You will be able to use TimeWalk 3D mobile app to check on your virtual property, life, interests and people around you on a constant basis as you use your mobile phone…
You will soon be able to scan and load the interior and the exterior of your own property or of any product into TimeWalk, by simply using your mobile device or tablet.
Soon, the Internet and mobile browsing will be in 3D, using virtual reality with TimeWalk apps that will make everything easier and faster for you.

One may ask why we even need such a thing – 3D Virtual Reality or Virtual Real Estate apps!
Well… the answer is very simple.
Imagine you want to buy or rent a home in a different city, or even in your own city. First you will have to search and locate an area, then go through hundreds of pictures and videos of houses in the chosen area, try to locate the house with GPS tools like Google Earth, Street View or with maps, then choose a few of those properties after agreeing with your spouse or partner. Next step will be to call a realtor, set up a date and time for a viewing, take off from work or use a weekend, fly or drive to the location and visit as many properties you can in order to decide on which one to purchase/rent. Sounds familiar?
I personally went through this process 12 times in the last 20 years and I can state it is really stressful and time consuming.
Now imagine using a 3D Virtual Reality platform by logging into TimeWalk. You will be able to view all the houses for sale in any area, city or country of your choice. You will have access to a bird´s eye view of the property and of the entire neighborhood, lakes, streams and rivers, flora and fauna, stores, restaurants and any other points of interest in the area.
Then, slowly zoom in and out to the property of your choice. If you zoom in enough, you will be walking around the property or inside it. You will be able to view any room or any closet of that house, you may even talk to anyone you see or meet there. You may call and invite your spouse; family or friends and they will be able to teleport instantly and join you. You will be able to invite your realtor and the property agent to join and to give you more details about the property. And that is not all…
The 3D virtual experience is just like a real life experience, your mind is tricked into believing you are in the real location, and you will also be able to see small details like the face of your partner, friends or family members, paintings on the walls, writings, graffiti, or even details of the furniture and beadings.
You can change the color of the walls in your property, plant trees or drag and drop furniture into the rooms, fully furnish the property for a clearer view, before you even purchase or move there. By a simple click you can save all the items and have them delivered to your doorstep later.
No more mistakes: always choose the good color for your walls, always purchase furniture that fits perfectly to your house design. Interior design will be done easily and instantly! The good news is that this applies to exterior design and landscape as well – using the power of drag-and-drop. To make the purchase from the stores/companies or to hire professionals that can deliver just click on the drop menu.
Wait… There is more! Wherever you go in the real or virtual world, you can save and store items for future views. You can send items for new decorations you are planning to the room you desire or even clothing items to your wardrobe. A simple click on any item in your home will take you to the specific store where you have originally found it.

Example of clicks in your home:
Clicking on a sofa or on any piece of furniture: your furniture wish list will open. Simply drag and drop any item into the room or click to teleport to the retail store that sales that item.
Clicking on the carpet/wallpaper: the carpets/wallpaper wish list will open. Simply drag and drop the carpet/wallpaper into the room or click to teleport to the retail store that sales it.
Clicking on the lightbulb or stove: will take you to the electric/natural gas company to pay your bill, order new service, talk to a representative, and so on…
Clicking on your TV: will take you to your family videos, logs of 3D videos or any videos you saved while enjoying TimeWalk.
So, why virtual Real Estate? Now imagine the commercial aspect! Having instant access to all the services and items from any store you like! Anywhere in the world. Anytime. Instantly.

Daniel Popa

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