Bogdan Deaky is the CTO of TimeWalk and some of you might know him as the creator of 3DCar – the first interactive 3D car configurator. Bogdan is specialized in research, software development and classical engineering and has extensive experience in managing teams. He’s also in love with innovative technology.

Bogdan actively shapes the way TimeWalk will look like and designs new ways in which the platform will be useful, entertaining and super-functional. In the following short interview he shares his view about what TimeWalk will be like, what problems it will solve and how the development of the platform is going on a daily basis.

Watch Bogdan tell you a little bit about how he envisions TimeWalk, how the platform can be applied to real-world problems and how you can get involved.

Detailed Version (4:33 minutes watch time)

Busy? Watch the short version (only 2 minutes)

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