Get involved in the creation of the next big thing:

a novel 3D social media platform.


TimeWalk is currently being developed, which means you can take an active part in the process, get exciting news along the way, and be the first to try it when it`s out.

Like many Internet users, you are probably avid for something new, a platform that will allow you to use modern technology to do more and achieve more.

TimeWalk will allow you to share content in a completely new way or to pass on a part of your wisdom to your grandchildren and generations to follow. It will revolutionize travel, shopping and communication and it will use technology similar to what you already possess.

TimeWalk is in the development phase, the same phase that millions of people would have liked to have been part of in projects like Facebook or Twitter. You might have missed that chance with established businesses, but you have it now with TimeWalk.

The project has already received support from investors, creators and tech professionals from all over the world and we`re opening it up to the public through several crowdfunding campaigns. You can now help us move forward faster and this will allow you to receive access before everyone else.

On launch date TimeWalk will offer features like:


  • Experiencing a virtual carbon copy of the major cities in the world. Every street, every café and every square at a scale you have never seen before.
  • Being able to scan any indoor or outdoor environment and to add it in TimeWalk for others to explore.
  • Recording your ideas and personality in a new way. Create a virtual humanoid (which looks exactly like you) that will be able to realistically converse with your grandchildren even a hundred years from now.
  • Exploring an interactive 3D environment used by online shops, realtors, creatives, banks, and local businesses to showcase their products.

This is just the beginning and in order to complete TimeWalk faster we need your help.

Our Demo version has been launched in August. Don`t leave without trying it.


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We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign with attractive perks for contributors. We have many more attractive goodies in the works. You can become an active creator and supporter of the next important social media platform.

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