We all know the world we live in today. The consumerism, the ads that make you unhappy because you can’t afford that phone, you can’t go to a specific place your friend just came from, or you can’t buy some shoes because they are not imported in your country.

Well guess what?

Those new technologies that raised in the last 2 years with the birth of Oculus make all those things possible. You can now put your glasses on and have a date with your girlfriend in Paris. Ask her to get married with you in the Eiffel tower or a specific bridge in Venice. Or go with your friends on some remote place in Alaska, or run after a lion on a safari, without all the dangerous and the big payload after all that fun.
I believe VR started a while back and all games are part of this technology, but with latest tech the VR got really immersive. Imagine how the soldiers feel in real combat situation. Now how would they feel if all the scenarios are played and replayed in a more realistic simulation?

What effect would traveling have on disabled people? How would they feel if they would simply go to a museum? Or a hike on a mountain? Or maybe take a simple walk in the street?

But that is what everybody thinks about VR, how about other uses that boost your self-esteem?
Also VR provides a platform to tackle various mental health problems.
How about getting rid of some of your phobias?
Various forms of exposure therapy are used in treating all kind of phobias(zoophobia, acrophobia) even in newer approach in treating PTSD. Imagine if they could break the fear of heights by continued exposure to different heights simulators(like we use on Timewalk), wouldn’t the patients develop a better self esteem if they get accustomed around heights?
Now this University College London researchers are conducting an experiment on treating various mental heath issues by asking the participants taking their humaoids/avatars speaking kindly and compassionately to a virtual child.  Then they reversed the roles, so that the participant, in the body of a child, heard their own words repeated to them by an adults. Imagine that after one session, users started being less critical and more kinder and are a lot more self compassionate.

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