Here are our last week updates.

We had the pleasure to present our project in AltFestival Brasov event. We had some incredible 3 busy but beautiful days. We made some nice friends and we had our share of fun.

Beside the 3 days marathon we also manage to do some real work.


-experimented with different 3D formats – cars

-optimized the meshes from Times Square ( unified meshes )

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– changed Apartment as instantiated object in Times Square

– added extra lights in Apartment

– Added 1 sec delay on Apartment Teleporter so that apartment get’s instantiated before the player is teleported

– made builds for ALT Festival(present on Saturday and Sunday)



– added quality sliders to TS Demo (in order to be able to increase / decrease resolution, quality and turn on/off certain effects), improved performance of the application a bit

– fixed a few bugs in Merk – name not always getting set properly, issues with team switching and quality settings



– blog updates
– logo proposals for MERK
– site home update
– AltFest  online promo



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