Happy New Year everyone!

Even though there were holidays some of us did work lot on these last 2 weeks:

Here is what we did :


– Created Android builds with TS Demo:

– first build containing google cardboard sdk, which allows the user to control the camera with the phone gyroscope.


– second build containing an example of UI controls that can be applied later in the TS Demo for mobile support.



– Created a logging system for player actions. We currently record the user’s computer specs, performance (frames per second), i could also probably add ping time / lag, login and logout/exit times and actions (i.e. teleport pads they use, if they use any of our “fun” elements – jumping, bungee, zipline, visit the apartment, etc, in the future I will also add a feature to track ad clicks and interactions, stores they visit, merchandise they look at) – the ultimate goal would be to give the users a somewhat targeted experience – i.e. targeted adds, targeted merchandise based on their gender, likes, preferences, etc.

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