Our team has started a bit slow but this last week all of us worked like crazy horses! 🙂

Here are our weekly updates:



– started creating controls for TS Demo Humanoid:

– created joysticks using new Unity 4.6 UI

– added left-right functionality on TS Demo Car android build

– r&d for android controls using the new 4.6 UI

– created TS Demo Humanoid android build (single player) with touch controls ( work in progress)

Unity 2015-01-19 18-17-15-50 Unity 2015-01-19 18-27-32-74 Unity 2015-01-19 18-27-40-64 Unity 2015-01-19 18-27-42-20 Unity 2015-01-19 18-27-44-78 Unity 2015-01-19 18-27-47-31

Found Issues:
– android build crashes when using photon (search if DFVoice or Photon itself crashes)
– Photon is theoretically compatible with android builds when using Unity Pro ( as an alternative – Photon Unity Networking PLUS (PUN+))
– Play Store does not submit .apk file greater than 50 MB:
– Split Application Binary – This automatically splits up your build in a way that can be submitted to the store by creating an .APK and an .OBB file.
– APK Expansion Files – can be up to 2 Gigabytes and should contain the graphics / video / storage expensive stuff
– make Location smaller/optimized (current android build is @190MB)



  • optimized the free early access registration process architecture (graphical design by Cornel Harsan, texts by Paul Manea)
  • implemented the client side part of the free early access registration (XHTML, CSS and jQuery)

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  • implemented the server side part of the free early access registration, including the sending of confirmation e-mails (uses PHP, Smarty and MySQL)


  • polished the back-end interface (using ExtJS)



– tested the new material editor in Unity 5

– I used the diffuse map,normal map ,heightmap, specular map, reflection probes to make a cube feel like it has geometry


– All the traffic lights in Times Square are now changing color and synchronized to each other

2 3 4

– The cars are now responsive to traffic lights and also react to pedestrians trying to avoid a crash.

5 6


Spam cleaning
Updates + 7 new articles wrote on the site.
Tried to download all courses from Udemy





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