Here are last week’s updates and news. We’ve done quite a few awesome things to TimeWalk and we’re cooking up a nice surprise for you guys. Stay tuned!



– fixed some bugs with TS Demo and Merk

– worked on damage balance for Merk weapons

– fixed mouse sensitivity on Merk weapons (zoomed sniper scope)

– experimenting with Photon Unity Networking plugins – we have come across some shortcomings with the plugin, working on improving the way we are using the Photon

– downloaded and installed Unity 4.6 in order to start experimenting with the new UI system



– fixed multiplayer bug with Johnny

– integrated apartment as an instantiated object in new update builds (hidden when player is outside)

2014-12-07_11-46-25 2014-12-07_11-47-18

– added “Release from Zipline” when in Zipline Oculus Mode (KeyCode R – Release/Revive)

2014-12-07_11-40-44 2014-12-07_11-41-22

– added Christmas hats to Default Male and Female(screenshots)

2014-12-07_21-56-17 2014-12-07_21-57-52 2014-12-07_22-00-12 2014-12-07_22-02-10 2014-12-07_22-07-22 2014-12-07_22-07-50

– made performance changes to CamerasControl.cs

– started creating Johnny’s humanoid


– Preparing for the Holiday Season:

Added snow in Times Square: 1. Added the snow shader on the required surfaces ( + normal for snow accumulation effect)

2. Added snow meshes on objects

3. Added snow particle effects

4. Added lights particle effects for the Christmas tree

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


– designed and integrated homepage
– integrated Ovidiu’s movie on playmerk site
– creted a blog section
– weekely updates on timewalk blog
– made changhes on TimeWalk executables page (the one after earley access)


programmed the whole login/register page


We were busy bees. What do you think about our progress? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about TimeWalk! 

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