Here are last weeks updates:



– integrated new control scripts into XMas project

– tested new XMas Build with Ovidiu in network (on zipline was sometimes framing on Ovidiu’s computer)

– fixed bug that was making the player intersect apartment floor


– made parachute 40% smaller


– prevented snowing in apartment


– made tps cam not lerp in apartment


– fixed RELEASE Function when releasing from zipline in OVR Mode

– made videos with zipline for Ovidiu


– last week blog updates
– installed and integrated a forum script with wordpress. The goal was to have the same users in both scripts and an unified theme. Both use the same database.
– custom css, custom forum template page,
– added a Cache plugin that allows me to have the site displayed very fast even if there are going to be many users at once.


– finished a new version of the UI for the Character Select (and here it is compared to the old one – sharper graphics were achieved using the new Unity UI system)


– created a simple menu system using the new UI for Oculus Rift; here we can use keys (and if needed, a gamepad) to navigate between menu items


– created the basics of a shop – we get product data from a database, then arrange the products on a shelf; we can select products, view details and add them to our cart (still have to do the cart)


– implemented TS3 in Merk; I have not yet been able to make the server work, but on a local server, the game connects to TS, creates a channel for each game (if it’s needed) or joins an existing channel corresponding to a game, then joins a sub-room corresponding to each team; in the case of DeathMatch games, it only creates one room for all the players.


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