Hi everybody!

The last week was a rather busy week for us all. Beside the usual workflow we also managed to throw a small party in the middle of the week. So here are our last week updates:


-TS Demo:

– created screencapture videos for Ovidiu’s presentation

– made left/right movement on tps faster and fps slower (TwAvatarCtrl +TPC – smooth6)

– fixed run back/forward bug , now player runs in the specified direction (shift key becomes disabled when there is no WASD(arrows) direction selected)

– added right shift control for running(alternative left shift )

– fixed OVR bug for when OVR gets instantiated first time on a building/apartment with player legs in the ground (ovr was falling)


– made OVR compatible with players body( now you can look at your own feet when walking)


– Free Falling Mode – now with OVR Camera Control (screenshots+video)


– Parachute Mode – now with OVR Camera Control (screenshots+video)


– Zipline Mode – fix for OVR Camera Control (screenshots+video)



– had some “fun” with the new UI system in Unity 4.6, and here are my conclusions:

    • it is way better than NGUI when it comes to interaction – we have many options for interactions, including keyboard and game controllers
    • we can create more accurate implementations of actual design (in NGUI it wasn’t that easy due to scaling, etc)
    • while NGUI had a better anchoring system (anchoring objects to other objects), the anchoring system of this UI is still good enough to create salable UIs
    • works with Unity animations – which means we can create smoother animations when it comes to the UI
    • has several options when it comes to how it can be rendered, meaning we can simply use THIS UI on Oculus Rift. interactions with the mouse are still limited, but now we can easily draw up interfaces for only the keyboard or a game controller (think Oculus VR plus wireless XBox controller)

– worked on Photon Networking a bit, doing some experiments with Photon Networking; on one hand we can keep using SOME RPCs here and there, but most of the data we will be sending will be through serialize View. still working on a way to get methods called OnSerializeView.
– talked with the guys over at TeamSpeak about setting up the TS SDK Server on our Amazon Server. they sent me some ideas, still have to implement them, but so far their ideas were always good and useful, so that means that we should have TS3 SDK implemented in the shooter and TS Demo soon


-created and changed the background
-created and changed the slider images
-permalink structure changed
-added banners and link to timewalk.tw
-main page update
-last weeks post


-Implemented the Holiday Season in the newest project

-Optimized the snow meshes (Holiday Season)



-Optimized the snow particle effects for much better performance (From 30FPS to 120-130FPS)

8 9 10

-added the Christmas Tree in Times Square


-tested physics materials (concrete, gravel, grass, snow) for the future car integration in the demo

-tested mesh deformation for car crashes

-tested the advanced car physics pack from Unity ( much more realistic car control, sound effects, skid marks, smoke )


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