Hi guys,

As promised, here are our latest progress updates:



  • Changed UV2 channel (lightmapping channel) – the checkered pattern is now uniforme and allowed me to bake new lightmaps at lower resolution and still get better results
  • Number of maps:  – before: 128 maps – after: 59
  • Final build size is now 75Mb Smaller
  • Fixed many other UV2 channel issues (some areas of a mesh were not baked)
  • New lightmaps have much better quality ( although the number of maps is twice as low)
  • After all the mesh optimization, mesh combine, new lightmaps and other small fixes the FPS rate is now more than double.
























TS Demo updates:


– merged TPS and FPS Cameras into one PlayerCamera


– splitted TW_AvatarControl into  3 scripts:

– TW_AvatarControl.cs ( humanoid animations control )

– CamerasControl.cs ( PlayerCamera and OVR)

– SoundControl.cs ( environment and player sounds)

– changed Action Control Key from F to E


– integrated new info panels from Cornel

– zipline supports now Oculus Cameras Free View


– integrated Alex new TS location

– added Indicators to help player find zipline/apartment/free fall

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Fixed bugs:

– TPS Cam bug when reviving the character remained locked – fixed

– OVR  was not controled by the player – fixed

– OVR Player was knocked down ocasionaly when it was grounded – fixed

– OVR was not corrected automatically after it was revived – fixed

– OVR was not compatible with car platform – fixed

– OVR remained locked to head when after parachuting and player has landed – fixed


– new logo proposals for merk

-made new info panels images needed in Timewalk demo

-made new control panel

-research for MERK website



– worked on optimizing code and improving performance for TS Demo and Merk

– made some classes smaller, broke some classes into smaller ones, easier to read, modify, etc (code maintenance)

– tested performance of our applications using DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 9 – major performance improvement

– worked with Cristian Bronescu on fixing bugs in TS Demo, improve the camera system, fine tune animations, functionality, etc.

– haven’t been able to make a working weapon spawn system in Merk, however now, at round restart, we reload the scene and the weapons would respawn

– added quality sliders for TS Demo as well with controls for quality level, anti-aliasing, resolution, etc.

– made a special build just for Oculus – we start the application, if we don’t have any saved preferences, we instantiate a generic character and switch to Oculus by default

– when in OVR mode, when we hit Revive, the character revives and resets Oculus by itself.


Ovidiu released:

– 2 videos with Bogdan Deaky holding presentations at AltFest Brasov
– 1 presentation film with TimeWalk at AltFest Brasov
– 1 video with a channel interviewing Bogdan Deaky about TimeWalk


Check out our blog weekly for new progress updates!

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