Pimax VR announced that the obstacles that stood in the way of the mass production phase of  its 8K VR headset have been eliminated last week, which means that  we are now supposed to just wait a little bit of time until we can buy it.


What is Pimax VR?

      Pimax VR is a technology company from China that in 2016 was the first  to commercialize a 4K VR headset. Now, it has refined elements and resolved issues by creating the 8K VR headset, the headset so many people have been waiting for and it is also expected to become one of the most affordable commercial VR headsets on the market.


In what ways is this headset better than others?

Well, first of all, Pimax brings a field of view setting that is adjustable. The company is currently working  on a software solution that would enable users to dial it back to 170 degrees.

Also, the partnership between Pimax and VAQSO (a Tokyo-based start-up company) will immerse the public even more in the virtual reality experience provided by the 8K VR headset by bringing a scent emitter module to it.



How does the scent emitter module work?

Several plastic cartridges  are mounted just above the nostrils and under the eyes. In order for the scents to be gently blown towards the nose  in sync to the game you are playing, it is used a fan.

The available scents include for now ‘fish’, ‘ramen’, ‘burnt’ and ‘grassland’ and they can be changed out  according to the videogame the user is playing.



      Other information about the Pimax 8K VR headset

  • It achieves high-resolution visuals : 3840 x 2160 dual displays
  • It provides a 200-degree field of view
  • It provides 200 FOV which is far superior than any other headset out there including the HTC Vive Pro
  • It targets an 80Hz refresh rate



To sum up, the 8K VR headset from Pimax VR is going to arrive and immerse the public in this half of the year. Pimax founder Robin Wang said “The obstacles that prevent us from mass production have been eliminated last week. Thus the whole project now can move on with full speed towards Kickstarter delivery. The team works 11 hours per day, six days per week to speed up the iterations.”.

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