About Our Management Team

TimeWalk is being developed by an innovative and enthusiastic team that envisions a product which will have an enormous impact on the world. We aim high and we are extremely passionate about technology and its capabilities. Our team is comprised by driven, experienced and young professionals who care a lot about the quality of the final product. Meet the team that makes this project possible.

Daniel Popa

President and CEO
With over 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Daniel is a passionate entrepreneur who successfully launched numerous software, telecommunication, customer relationships and technology companies including NECC Telecom, Pulse Telecom, ECS soft, CCI and others. He`s innovative, energetic and an excellent communicator.

Bogdan Deaky

Bogdan loves to innovate (he created 3DCar – the first interactive 3D car configurator, ASICClient for Android, and others) and he`s  specialized in research, software development and classical engineering. He`s also a lecturer, involved in organizing and reviewing several internation conferences and his mission is to design and develop software that helps the world evolve.

Cristian Bronescu

Vice President, of 3D Productions
With international experience in creating 3D art and animated shows and short films for brands like Disney, Orange, Cartoon Network or Comedy Central, Cristian is an experienced 3D Senior Artist, Lead Modeler and Lead Rigger, specialized in 3D Humanoid Characters Modelling and Rigging for different animation environments such as Realistic 3D World, Gaming Platforms, Feature Films.

Paul Manea

Vice President of Marketing
Paul loves it when people fully understand what they read and especially when they act on it. He`s a copywriter, an entrepreneur at heart, and an avid traveler.  He`s passionate about start-ups, social media, motorcycles and about creating content that matters.

Alexandru Iacob

Technical Director of 3D Modeling 
Alex is the bridge between the dream of exploring the world in virtual reality and the final product by determining if the project is technically possible. Supervises the technical aspects to find areas where product quality might be improved.

Harsan Cornel

Senior Director of Graphics & UX Design
An engineer by education, but an artist by vocation, Cornel is responsible for implementing marketing ideas and strategies.  He is working closely with developers and project managers,  putting his energy and skills into making this world-changing product.

Ioan Mihali

Director of Research and Development
Ioan (Jonny) is a talented programmer with a passion for tech.  Organized, a team-player and attentive to details, Jonny works passionately in the development of TimeWalk.

Ovidiu Murzea

Managing Media Director
Ovidiu is a very talented media editor. His coming to the TimeWalk team was an important addition. He’s working with members of the etam to plan, coordinate and ensure proper editorial coverage on the site and media channels.

Why we do it?

We believe in the creativity of humankind. All we ever needed as humans was excellent tools. Once we had them we could create more.

TimeWalk is a symbol of endless possibility and a tool, a powerful one. We`ve discovered probably just a few of the ways it can be used, like becoming immortal through a virtual copy of yourself, being able to experience new places from the comfort of your home, sharing content in a new way or interacting with other people. And that is enough to get us excited, to make us believe in it.

But TimeWalk will do more, just as almost any other tool or app gave way to creativity for people and businesses.

Our belief is that we are creating something amazing that will probably change the way you interact with the world. We`ve seen what it can do and soon you will have access to it too.

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