What is Oculus Go?

Oculus Go is the newest device recently launched by Facebook , at the F8 Conference in San Jose, California. Some of the things that make this virtual reality headset unique and different are its cheap price and the immersive experience you get to have while entering in the virtual world displayed through this device.

Standalone VR headsets have been a dream until recently and Oculus Go takes it to a whole new level. We have all heard about Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream VR and HTC Vive VR headsets, but there is something about Oculus Go that makes it different from all those mentioned earlier.


Why is Oculus Go that special? To what computers or phones do I need to connect it?


Oculus Go is special because all you need is the headset and your head. It is a standalone device, as i mentioned a little bit earlier. You simply pair the standalone VR headset with your phone, put it on your head, and you’re off to the VR races. Besides these, it offers excellent visuals, a comfortable fit and a solid build.  There are also no external tracking sensors, and nothing to set up. Pretty simple, righ?

Other opinions about Oculus Go


Lori Gil, who is newer to the VR community, got to try out the Oculus Go during GDC 2018. She said:

Oculus Go, in my opinion, is positioned to be the first true consumer-focused VR system to bring new people into the fold. No, it’s not a top-quality device with all the bells and whistles, but it is completely self-contained so the initial investment is minimal. For $200, you can get started with VR. You don’t need a special phone, you don’t even need a phone at all! You don’t need a special computer or graphics card or game console. It’s the perfect starter VR device. Once new users get into VR through Oculus Go, they can then decide whether to move on to something more powerful if they’re ready to go all-in, or stick with the entry-level device if they discover they’re not heavy VR players. I can’t wait to get one.”.



  • Relatively affordable (the 32GB model for $199, and the 64GB model for $249)
  • Low-key but solid hardware
  • Comfortable, convenient, wireless
  • Experience is almost as good as Oculus Rift


    • Doesn’t track position
    • Limited software library
    • Battery-to-charge-time ratio isn’t ideal

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