“We created the first immersive Virtual Reality platform with practical and exciting applications in online shopping, real estate, travel planning, product presentation, socializing and gaming.”

Daniel Popa

CEO, TimeWalk Inc.

         TimeWalk is an unexpected evolution of the social media and e-commerce worlds. We bring 3D virtual interaction, 3D social media and 3D shopping to life right in your web browser. It’s something you probably never experienced before.

TimeWalk started out two years ago as just a thought on a napkin. It has now become an amazing Virtual Reality World that presents the opportunity to generate revenue from many different avenues.

            This exciting and innovative platform will stand out from current social media and e-commerce platforms. We expect it to attract offers from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook as it complements their services.

We encourage you to check out our short slide and watch the presentation videos below.  If you find them interesting we can also arrange for a private live presentation whenever it’s best for you.

Download presentation in ppt format

If you are interested in learning more about your potentially exciting future with TimeWalk, we invite you to contact us.


Daniel Popa

CEO, TimeWalk

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