We are sorry we haven’t updated our blog lately. Please excuse us and trust that we are working our ass off for  a surprise for you guys. All I can say is that we are very busy with our new kickstarter campaign 🙂

Here are the latest updates:

Alexandru Iacob

  • Integrated the Humanoid into TS Demo Unity 5
  • Finished measuring the Billboards in Times Square – measured the size of the billboards in 3DS Max and I introduced the data into an Excel file where using a formula I calculated the optimal resolution for each Billboard, and then created the textures in photoshop
  • Started to create the new User Interface in Unity 5 (work in progress)

Cornel Harsan

– demo tshirt designs to put on kickstarter (thx Paul for the ideas:) )
– I choosed the logo from the first proposals
– I have the laptop with me in case you guys agree on any change


t-shirt_V2 t-shirt_V3 t-shirt_V4 t-shirt_V5 t-shirt_V6 t-shirt_V7 t-shirt_V8 t-shirt_V1


Cristian Bronescu –

AdrenaPure Oculus Project:

Changed Interfaces with new name

– made oculus interface more accesible(bigger/wider)

– tweaked mouse pointer accuracy, to work smoothly with the new interface

-application exe build

– video capture:



AdrenaPure Helicopter Android Project:

– Updated to Unity 5.0

– changed all Mesh Coliders into Box Coliders, (Unity 5 requirement: Collider must have less than 256 vertices!)

– integrated street Details, build went up to 148 MB

– application android build


AdrenaPure Helicopter iOS Project:

– integrated Durovis Dive SDK as Google Cardboard SDK for iOS doesn’t support magnetic sensor currently

– made build for iPhone 5s , requires Jailbreak and AppSync installed as we don’t have an iOS license and developer account

– application iOS build

– video capture:



TS Demo NoTouchGUI Android Project:

– you can now walk on TS Demo, no other implementations yet

– application android build


Extra Stuff:

– Made Special Builds for Ovidiu’s Filming Session ( external camera added)

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