Fact: ­thousands of cities and buildings are already 3D modeled, meaning you can theoretically walk around and explore them just like in the real world. Your local mall was firstly 3D modeled and if your office building or your own house was built in the last 8 years it was probably 3D modeled also.

What happens with these models, the result of strenuous hard work? After the building is completed they are often forgotten, occupying space on some hard-drive. The same thing happens with entire cities that are already 3D modeled and that you could easily explore, if given access to the right tool. It’s not a big deal to create 3D things anymore, but what do we do with them?

You can 3D scan almost anything

You can now buy 3D scanners that can scan almost anything, starting from small objects, like your car keys, to entire buildings.  Google is trying to create mobile devices that understand and perceive the world the same way we do, and they are not the only ones.  So what is not already scanned will be 3D scanned and modeled and readily available.

The start of a new virtual world

Until not long ago all this did not matter too much. Ok, so what if Times Square is available in 3D? It’s not like you can explore it outside a video game, right? Well, no.  It does not have to be that way. TimeWalk 3D comes to solve this problem and offers the platform that will allow you or anyone else to:

  1. Upload the 3D model of any city or building in existence and to
  2. Explore any uploaded 3D model.

This is huge because not only that the quality of recent 3D models is incredible, but because we now have VR headsets like Oculus Rift and other that offer an immersive experience. You will literally feel like walking in your friend’s house, in a museum or on a famous boulevard.

Let’s teleport

When you have access to such a wide array of interesting 3D models (think Paris, Barcelona, Milano, Hong-Kong or any museum you want to see) teleportation becomes just a matter of choosing your preferred location and hitting the GO button. Instantly, your 3D avatar will materialize in the chosen location leaving you with the option to explore freely and even to interact with other avatars.

It’s might be a bit hard to imagine, so watch Philip Alexander, an 11 year old boy who has access to TimeWalk, do it in this short video.

But what about Time Travel?

If you watched the video I just mentioned, you probably saw that Philip Alexander visited the 3D humanoid avatar of his great-grandmother. This is will be a perfectly plausible scenario as we are already starting to record our current reality in 3D: the buildings, the cars, and even the people.

Through our technology we can create look-alike avatars, exact 3D replicas of yourself, that will mimic your gestures live, as you make them. Just check out the early versions that we uploaded on our team page and you’ll get my point.

So everything we upload now can be visited in 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Your house, as it looks today will not be a great surprise in two or three years, but it will be extremely interesting for your grand-children a few decades from now.  As it would be for you to visit the home of your grandmother, maybe 40 years ago.

Yes, digital time travel will be possible and we are starting to lay the foundation for this. And a time will come when teleportation and time travel will be possible in the same time, just like in this video.


The big question: When?

By now you are probably a little curious and a little excited and that’s fair enough. A 3D complete replica of the Earth opens up a great deal of possibilities. I explain a few in this older post.

All the prerequisites for a Virtual Reality that allows teleportation and time travel are here. The storage capabilities are here, the Internet speed is good enough or getting there and also the coverage. Almost anyone has a smartphone, 3D scanning is a developing technology and VR headsets are now a reality.

We’re now creating the missing link, the TimeWalk 3D Reality and we’ll need your help.

Stay posted to find out how to get early access to our demo and how you can upload your own 3D model, or even how to start a new business with TimeWalk. Join our newsletter to receive news and updates.

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