At the end of 2017, HTC Standalone Vive Focus VR was launched only in one country, China. One year later, in November 2018, through a press event held in San Francisco, the company confirmed that HTC Vive Focus can finally be comercialized worlwide. The headset is now present in 37 countries, at the price of $599 in the U.S.

What is so special about HTC Vive Focus?

       The headset was initially targeting only the area related to business, given the fact that Vive Focus is part of a portofolio filled with only enterprise-focused VR devices. Surprisingly, it can be used now in any area, from education and culture to health and entrepreneurship, thanks to its launching in the global market.

       Still, HTC’s aim was mainly  to create a more engaging and productive medium for companies by using HTC Vive Focus and also Vive and Vive Pro. Thereby, HTC’s team built Vive Sync, an enterprise collaboration tool and application meant to provide an easier and more secure way for organizations around the world to communicate efficiently.

       Dan O’Brien, HTC Vive General Manager of the Americans, said according to Business Insider, “Executives are understanding they can save time and money. Their designers don’t all have to fly to Germany to meet in one room and talk about design. They can go to VR design room and talk collaboratively there.“.

HTC Vive Focus- technical specs

  •         Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor
  •         Resolutions of 1,600 × 1,440 pixels from each OLED display lens
  •         3K AMOLED Display
  •         A single 3DOF controller
  •         6DOF headset tracking
  •         IPD adjustment
  •         World-Scale tracking (inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom), proximity sensor, 9-axis sensors offered by a tracking technology and sensors
  •         HTC Vive Focus standalone headset’s price is $599, while Vive Focus Advantage’s price starts at $750
  •         QC3.0 fast charging battery, 3 hours of active use gime

        An HTC spokesperson told GameDaily:  “We’ve seen great success with the Vive Focus and the Vive Wave Platform in China as consumers have access to Viveport’s curated library of popular apps and games. However, Vive recognizes that the freedom of standalone headsets extends not only to gamers but to enterprise as well. We believe that in North America, Focus is best suited for enterprise use cases for VR. From training to medical to fitness, we know there is ample demand for a premium standalone VR headset.”

          HTC Vive Focus represents a step forward in the VR universe that is continually expanding.  It boosts people’s interest through its various and utterly surprising ways it can be used in so many areas. Ultimately, HTC Vive Focus is a tool ready to make businesses more efficient by providing an immersive medium of communication and therefore, the news that it is now comercialized worldwide is a pretty awesome thing.


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