The promise of a completely immersive, 360-degree 3D video experience is bound to change the way we travel and book our holidays.

Nobody can contest the intense experience of going to a new place and exploring the streets of a new city. Or the pleasant satisfaction of relaxing on an exotic beach. But virtual reality could help us book this kind of holidays with greater confidence, to explore new places from our living-room or to alleviate flight sickness.

Booking holidays with the help of virtual reality

As a traveller, I am very careful with my spending and with the way I travel. Researching a location, whether it is to create a detailed route or to choose the hotel wisely, has become a ritual for almost any traveler or tourist.

There are plenty of websites to use, but what if you would have access to one that would offer an immersive experience that would obliterate the feeling of uncertainty we all tend to have when we book something.

What if you could actually roam the streets of the city you want to visit even before getting there? To check out the hotel, the villa or apartment you want to rent? Or test the services of an airline and see how a certain plane or bus looks like?

You will be able directly experience a destination before booking it. And that is going to make the whole experience much easier and allow you to focus on the important things.

Yes, you have Google Street View and you probably spend a lot of time exploring a new city through it. But when I do it, I always feel like something is missing. I still feel trapped inside a photo, unable to scale the place or understand exactly where I am in the world. That is why TimeWalk as I experienced it and you also be able to very soon, will change the way we travel. And that is why you might soon see 3D realistic copies or apartment and hotels on websites like Airbnb or on

Sure, nothing can beat real-life photos apart, maybe, from a video, but you can’t freely explore these two, so a third option is always welcomed; especially if it can help you make the right choice and spend your money wisely.

Limit the effect of turbulence in air travel and offer a better flight experience

It’s already being done and Airbus is involved. Virtual reality takes you outside the plane you are on and keeps your thoughts away from the fact that you are thousands of feet above the ground in a flimsy aluminum machine. Will this allow people who are afraid to fly to finally get past that fear? The chances are it will.

Virtual reality tours

Companies all over the world are starting to offer 360-degrees tours, which are not really virtual reality as we think of it at TimeWalk, but it proves that there is a demand and an interest in the subject.

If people are already interested in looking at a simple 360 image, wouldn’t they be interested in actually being able to walk around a city to see everything in great detail and even to interact with the environment? Who wouldn’t?

You will soon be able to experience extraordinary vistas or the vibes of a new city and you won’t even have to leave the couch.

This will be great for people who are afraid to travel, don’t speak a foreign language, don’t have the funds or simply can’t travel. Why wouldn’t the experience of travelling be available to them when we are completely capable of creating realistic 3D environments?

Oh… and how about travelling back in time?

What stops us to recreate places from the past and to preserve current places as they are for the delight of our children and grandchildren?  That’s right, nothing.

If you’re not yet in the loop, find out that at TimeWalk we want to create a realistic 3D virtual copy of most of the cities and landmarks in the world and to make them available to you on your laptop, smartphone or VR headset.

Check out our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to find out more about how virtual reality can influence the travel industry and to get early access, your own 3D humanoid and more. 

How would you use VR for your travels?

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