Pico Goblin 2 standalone VR headset is the new VR headset recently released at a press conference. This is the third standalone VR headset created by the Beijing-based company founded in 2015, Pico Intercative. The company has already reached the number of 300 members located in the US, Europe and Asia .

      Is Goblin 2 really matching all the great expectations?

Preceded by Pico Goblin and Pico Neo, Pico Goblin 2 comes with  little adjustments in order to create more amazing VR experiences. ” Our mission is built around the principle of “user first design” . We design to advance VR technology beyond current barriers in the industry.” is what the company states regarding the principle around which its devices are built.


The headset’s updates consist in:

  • a lighter weight: 268g (Pico Goblin has 400 g)
  • 5mm audio jack
  • two 5-inch TFT displays for a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600 (3K)
  • the refresh rate of the displays: 90Hz
  • Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform( it assures a smooth experience)
  • battery capacity: 3500mAh (around 3 hours of use)
  • 4+64GB of memory and 256GB micro-SD card expansion
  • field of view: 101°.


     Did I mention affordable?

Tmall and JD.com sell the Goblin 2 VR headset at ¥1999( around $293) . The price is really good taking in considerance the larger battery and all its updates.


Other opinions on this device


       Pico CEO Henry Zhou said that “Pico has always been committed to providing an ultimate mobile VR experience, and we’ve put a lot of research and R&D investment into G2. Our hope is that with the first-class hardware and software design, and the affordable price range, people can really get excited with the easy and immersive G2 experience.”


Qualcomm‘s XR Business lead, Gabriel Guo, said: “The Qualcomm 835 mobile platform brings an excellent interactive experience to users with extremely fast speed, long battery life and less heat. It also supports advanced game functions, improves graphics rendering speed by 25%, color display by 64 times, achieving higher rendering level with lower power consumption. We are delighted to keep working with Pico as we continue to elevate the mobile VR experience.”



Now, all we can sum up is that Goblin 2 is the new generation of all-in-one VR headsets that brings the VR industry to an advanced level.

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