TimeWalk for Architects

Your creation can be experienced in a new and impressive way. Why show a simple 2D image of your creation when you can allow your clients to fully immerse in the proposed building?

It will be possible in TimeWalk and we want you to be the first to try it and benefit from it.

Instead of showing your clients or prospects a two dimensional image, which they cannot fully scale or explore, you will soon let people step into the 3D model and feel like they are already exploring an existent building. You can also upload the geo-located model of any existing building because TimeWalk is a realistic 3D carbon-copy of everything on Earth and every real building needs a digital counterpart.

A world of moving architecture

You will have a tool that will allow you to bring your digital spaces into a virtual reality that is accessed by millions of people. You will be able to offer an immersive reality experience through an VR headset like Oculus Rift and even to interact with the three dimensional space.

If you are an architect, designer or student you are probably showing your work in 2D. Why not embrace a different method that will allow your clients to:

  • Judge the scale of the building.
  • Experience fully the modeled space.
  • Explain better what changes they want.

One is more likely to get involved in a project and choose a certain design when he or she can experience it at a very personal level.

With TimeWalk we set the standards very high and aim to create a super-realistic clone of the entire Earth. Every building that exists or is about to be built can and will exist also in TimeWalk. You will be able to upload your 3D design and with a few adaptations, you will be able to make it available to the public or anyone whom you invite.

A useful internal design tool

It’s a lot simpler to be able to show your team mates or employees what you have created and walk them around in the virtual 3D model to show them what you want to do next. This can be an excellent collaboration tool.

A powerful marketing tool

You will be one step ahead of your competitors and thousands of people will experience your designs and know they are yours. You have the opportunity to use your current 3D models, which would otherwise go to waste or just be uploaded to Youtube, in order to attract more prospects and build your brand.

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