We are all aware of the astounding progress whom technology has been making  throughout the last years. It seems that 2019 is also about advancement because there is already the first VR mask that stimulates smell.

Smell in a virtual environment? Are you sure?

             Yuup, Feelreal Mask is the device that can generate up to 255 scents delivered through the combination of nine individual aroma capsules, designed by the Ukrainian parfumer and olfactologist, Bogdan Zubchenko. Some of the smells include lavender, coffee and even gunpowder and rubber. Pretty cool, right? There is finally a multi-sensory mask and as its creators say, Feelreal VR is the”world’s First Multi-Sensory VR mask that simulates smells and other tactile sensations to create a one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality experience”.

             Feelreal said “Imagine the depth of interaction when users can truly feel themselves on a racing track and actually smell burned rubber. Or being able to grasp the feeling of being on a battlefield complete with the intense gunpowder odor. This is what the multi-sensory virtual reality experience is all about.”.

Feelreal is not just about smell, but about other senses too

           The mask has embaded micro-heaters and micro-coolers that will fully immerse people either  on a journey to Antarctica or in a warm place like Hawaii. Besides feeling the cold or warm air onto the face, the VR headset has an ultrasonic ionizing system that generates rain to fall on the user′s cheeks and also haptic motors for vibration.

What one should use to have the FeelReal experience?

             The mask can be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth or WiFi to numerous headsets like:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • PSVR
  • Oculus Go
  • Samsung Gear VR

Through some magnetic mounts, the mask, which can be white, grey or black, can easily be attached to the VR headset and then removed. Also, four hours of battery life are promised and it weighs only 200 grams.

        Although FeelReal is not the only one trying to enrich a VR experience by providing smell, Vaqso VR and Ubisoft also trying to add scent, the mask you have read about is unique for sure thanks to its multi-sensory characteristic. FeelReal is all about providing a more immersive and different virtual reality.

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