We all woke up a bit late, mostly because of the party we had .. the night before 😛

For this last day at Gamescom our itinerary was not that full. Because we did our job well in the first days .. we only went to Gamescom a few hours .. for final pictures, touches ..etc.

We went first to Music Store because it was close to Gamescom .. the guys where crazy in there.DSCF0160 DSCF0164 DSCF0165 DSCF0167 DSCF0168 DSCF0169 DSCF0170 DSCF0171 DSCF0172 DSCF0174 DSCF0175 DSCF0176 DSCF0178 DSCF0179 DSCF0181 DSCF0182 DSCF0189 DSCF0190 DSCF0191 DSCF0198 DSCF0199 DSCF0208

Relaxing after “jam session”



back to Gamescom :

DSCF0138 DSCF0139 DSCF0140 DSCF0141 DSCF0143 DSCF0144 DSCF0220 DSCF0221 DSCF0223 DSCF0225 DSCF0226 DSCF0229 DSCF0230

We then went to the chocolate museum in Koln .. we bought some stuff for our girls back home.

DSCF0234 DSCF0237 DSCF0238 DSCF0239 DSCF0240

wandering trough Koln:

DSCF0232 DSCF0233 DSCF0247 DSCF0248 DSCF0250 DSCF0251 DSCF0252 DSCF0254 DSCF0256 DSCF0258 DSCF0271 DSCF0273 DSCF0277 DSCF0279 DSCF0280 DSCF0291 DSCF0293 DSCF0319 DSCF0320 DSCF0321 DSCF0322





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