Because our main task was to prospect the exhibits for potential partners You would imagine the second day would be boring compared to the firs one. Nothing more far from the trough. The real fun just started.

We made an incredible number of friends. Overall people loved our Tshirts .. People loved our AdrenaPure app.

We spoke with many exhibitors here are some of the ones we liked more:
– IGDA – a great community of international game developers
– – the guys who made Talking Tom
– Reality 51 – Polish company .. they had an interesting robot and a cool app
– Mixamo – our partners, now part of Adobe Family

– Durovis Dive – Durovis Dive family turns your mobile device into a virtual reality headset
– – a cool team from Italy with a small smart game .. we really made friends with them
– We lost some time at PlayStation stand .. Bogdan tried hard to have us on their meeting list .. we could not obtain that 🙁
– Carl Zeiss > they where really impressed by our AdrenaPure app .. and we where impressed by the quality of their device(VR One -VR glasses for smartphone) and lenses
– UNITY – those guys where impressive. They took time talking with all our team.. regarding each aspect of our product.. and the problems we had moving to unity 5. Also .. Bogdan managed to steal some promises regarding their help with our future marketing.

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