Our CTO let us loose, to wander on Gamescom ales, to play, to talk, to make pictures, to mingle with Gamescom participants.


We played a bit at Xbox stands, We went and made some pictures at Forza Motorsport stand with that incredible car.


After that we made some pictures at the stand of Assassins Creed … Alex really had nice time with them .. loosing his head 😛

DSCF9936 DSCF9938DSCF0033

Me and Ovi and Chris where present at

Total War: Warhammer Gameplay Gamescom 2015

The guys from DeepSilver .. where so kind to let us make some pictures with the set from HOMEFRONT.

DSCF0036 DSCF9943 DSCF9945

The fun rally begin when we found free chairs at blizzard … and we started plaing WOW… my install was in German .. so I haven’t played much, but the guys had some fun there:)

DSCF9951 DSCF9953 DSCF9954 DSCF9958 DSCF9961
Also .. the guys from Blizzard had a stand only for the coming movie Warcraft .. we all took pictures with the heroes, some 4 meter puppets :)..

DSCF9964 DSCF9967 DSCF9969 DSCF9971

me tickling the big guy, Ovi was trying to kill some flies 😛DSCF9974

oh .. and here is where Alex lost his head again .. there i loose mine also! 🙂DSCF9979 DSCF9980

Some Cosplay chicks … wanted to make a picture with a true orc, I could not refuse:P

Also .. Christian .. insisted to get my big ass on this picture .. so he could look awesome between the two girls and his wife would not kill him 😛

I don’t remember who where this girls … Again Alex lost his head 😛


And here is the craziness from the wargaming.net stand …you can see the guys going crazy 😀


this is Johnny .. crazy 😀DSCF0018

our guys in the crowd 🙂 DSCF0020 DSCF0021

this is Christian .. with his WTF face 😀DSCF0025

Johnny happy! 🙂DSCF0029

our guys .. coming home with their war spoils 😛



Oh .. I almost forgot: Here is me . .parking my UFODSCF0056


finally .. the tiredness after the whole day :))

DSCF0073 DSCF0074 DSCF0075 DSCF0077 DSCF0078

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