Death – the only certain thing in life.

We all imagined what it would be like if we could cheat death. What it would be like to become immortal. What it would be like to talk with our lost siblings. In the future .. while AI is developing more and more, with all the virtual reality innovation, it will be possible to store and keep the mind of our beloved after they pass away.
Yeah .. I know there are many moral issues. There are many philosophical questions .. and the sole answer to “should we do this” deserves tons of debates. Is there a soul? Would that one be “downloaded” with the memory? .. (pff… tons of philosophical and theological questions… )

Would I want my mind to be stored? Would I keep living in a VR environment after my body is gone? Do I want that? … the truth is YES, I WOULD LOVE TO LIVE .. even on a circuit board… after my body is obsolete 🙂 Is that moral? I don’t know, I don’t even care 😀
While I’m sure the medical-technological advancements will be huge in this century .. (we will live longer, androids will be a reality) we won’t reach immortality in our flesh and blood bodies.

We, humans, searched for prolonging our life since our very beginnings.  We searched for the Holly Grail,  “living water”, miracle plants. We’ve always been fascinated by immortality,  we invented “the afterlife” stories, everlasting angels and demons, gods, vampires, all kings off immortal heroes and demons, hell and paradise, even Jesus Christ walks on death. All that because we don’t want to bow in the face of all mighty death.

I don’t believe the soul (if there is such a thing) will be transferable, but the mind, with all your memories and knowledge, will be accessible to others after your death. I might have seen to many SciFi movies .. I might be just a dreamer, but I hope my grand grand grand children would hear from “me” stories of our days .. as seen trough my eyes (not so interesting to anyone else ).

I guess in the future, we will keep searching for a way to cheat death, and technology seams the best way.  I’m sure Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the 3 paths we should take to achieve immortality.. or something close to it.

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