Want to drive a Formula 1 racing car? Would you like to experience skydiving or maybe swimming with sharks? How would boxing with a world champion feel like? Would you feel scared or thrilled while taming a wild beast?


The closest you usually get to most of these dangerous experiences is through TV shows. You see other people performing these activities and imagine doing the same, but you know there’s little change to ever do that. The experiences are either too dangerous, cost prohibitive or need a certain kind of expertise. But you’d still like to experience the adrenaline, won’t you?


Experience real danger through VR

Virtual reality is not here just to provide a more entertaining way to play games, although it will be great for that also. The real power of VR is to enrich your life with experiences and sensations that were, until now, reserved only to a handful of well-trained people. But as technology advances, in a well-designed virtual reality space the sensory experience of “the real thing” is recreated in an identical way. You hear, see, feel and soon enough you might even smell the exact same thing that you would while doing the real thing.


Using VR for engaging in regular activities like going shopping or going to work might not make sense at the moment, but boy, how fun it would be to engage in all the extreme sports you ever wanted to try without risking your life? In seconds you can be a professional biker, a car racer, a professional fighter, a guerrilla soldier, an astronaut and the list goes on and on. In seconds you can be as adventurous as you want, getting as much adrenaline as you can handle.


Are you adventurous?


Guess what, we’re already creating the platform that will make all this possible. It’s called TimeWalk and you can access the demo here.

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