The most obvious area is GAMING.
When OCULUS RIFT came out the guys said it and made it clear, they are here to improve our gaming experience. Since then many other VR headsets came out, all of them promising the same: IMMERSIVE GAME PLAYING!

Health Care
Now, how in the world would a VR improve that? Looks like the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies is working on numerous clinical psychology applications, including an exposure therapy to treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are many people around the world see that the future of education is in VR. Today we have one teacher at 20-25 kids in our normal classes. Imagine the future of education, one on one tutoring with a virtual teacher. Every kid gets his own teacher. In Massachusetts EcoMUVE teaches students about ecosystems in immersive VR environment. In California EON Reality’s VR labs cover subjects that include chemistry and Geography.

There are many startups that try to conquer the vr space by improving ths old area. Some guys try to use Oculus Rift headset to make online meeting more engaging at Podrift. They try to make a Virtual Meeting Space.

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