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What is TimeWalk?

  1. We make a virtual representation of the real world so that you can “teleport” yourself anywhere and meet other people.
  2. We connect the two worlds (GPS, shopping in TimeWalk with shipping in the real world etc.)
  3. We preserve the changes in TimeWalk over time so that future generations can come back and see how the world was before their time.
  4. We plan to use simple AIs to enable future generations to meet and talk to their ancestors. 

Timewalk will allow you to create, share or scan your own environment, making you an active user and a creator.

Imagine being able to go anywhere in the world in an instant.  Imagine having your own 3D look-alike avatar and being able to walk on the streets of Paris or Rome while being fully immersed in a life-like 3D interactive experience. In TimeWalk you are not just an observer, you are a doer.

And how about being able to show your new apartment to someone who’s 3000 miles away? Or being able to visit a 3D replica of the hotel room you want to book for your holiday?

Technology has enabled us greatly, but we want more. We think being able to browse through real-time pictures or videos on your smartphone is just the modest beginning. Current technology and the platform we are currently developing will allow you to immerse in a realistic 3D Virtual Reality that will replicate  almost any city  in the world, in the present or even in the recorded past.

The First Realistic 3D Social Media Platform

What we are proposing is a leap of faith and knowledge, something unheard of and as bold as the human mind can be.

We’re developing the first 3D Virtual Reality for you to explore freely from the comfort of your home, cost-free. We`re creating the most advanced content sharing platform yet, something that will make words like teleportation or virtual immortality seem less unlikely.

And it’s all possible now!

The technology needed to make all this possible is already here. Some is in development and will soon be launched. You will soon be able to interact with your friends in a 3D copy of your city.

TimeWalk will also offer the option of virtual immortality within ethical boundaries.The platform will allow you to seamlessly record your thoughts, ideas or even your behavior so they can be accessed by generations to follow.

Join us in this great adventure. We launch this year!


TimeWalk Features

We are developing a multi-use platform based on the latest technology available. Timewalk allows you to explore a virtual carbon copy of the physical reality and interact with other people within the platform.

Timewalk will allow you to create, share or scan your own environment, making you an active user and a creator. You might create content just for your loved ones, like a poem or a song you want to be able to tell your grandchildren, or you could be sharing content for the whole world to see and enjoy.

Timewalk is as big or as small as you want it to be. Accessible through 3D VR headsets or from your smartphone, the platform will allow you to do some of the following and much more:


Share content

This new content-sharing platform enables you to share content in a new and unique way. Current social media platform will soon become insufficient for meaningful and information rich content. A 3D platform that engages the user in a new way will give you the possibility to entertain, inform and deliver content in a better way.

Become immortal (virtually)

We haven’t figured out how to make you live for 200 years or eliminate disease. But we`re creating a way to record thoughts, ideas, your personality and behavior in an intelligent 3D replica of yourself. Imagine future generation being able to interact and converse with you, learning from you and about you.  You`ll be able to live forever in ways that transcend video, images and written content.

Travel and explore the world for free

We`ve already begun 3D scanning the most important parts of cities and this is just what our own team managed to do. Anyone with a smartphone will soon be able to scan any real-world environment to share with others through the platform. This way you`ll be able to instantly teleport to any place in the world to explore, walk around and interact with locals.

Interact with friends

Wouldn`t you like to invite your good friend for a coffee in your own living room? That`s not so special usually, but what about if he or she is miles away? TimeWalk makes it possible for the two of you to be in the same room, in a realistic 3D version and chat like you would if you were face to face. The level of immersion and connection goes beyond anything you can feel in video communication as we know it today.

Shop in Paris, Rome or New York without leaving home

As shops will be fully scanned and inserted into the 3D reality we are creating with all the shopping info (prices, stock) available, online shopping will become a more intense experience, and you will have access to a whole new variety of products and a richer experience.

Explore or advertise real estate

How about walking through the hotel room or apartment before booking? How about showing your friends around your new apartment? It`s completely possible in TimeWalk.

Want to see the BIG picture?

The first version of TimeWalk will be released in December. Subscribe to get news and find out how to get early access.


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Location & Hours

We`re based in the US and Romania and work around the clock to develop TimeWalk and its new features. Here`s where to find us.

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