We are launching a new stand-alone application.

We are launching a new stand-alone application.

Hi everyone!


We haven’t posted much lately because we worked intensely on a surprise for you guys.


You’ve probably noticed some new stuff on some weekly updates: a new logo (AdrenaPure) and some intriguing photos and videos of what seemed to be a helicopter flight. So here’s the surprise:


We are launching a new stand-alone application. (here is the demo)


Created to pump up your adrenaline levels, this VR app will be available for your iPhone or Android smartphone as well as for the Oculus Rift.


This is a TimeWalk project and as you know all our efforts and resources are invested in the bigger TimeWalk project. However, we really want to make AdrenaPure known worldwide and offer an intense  VR experince, which will show what you can do with this technology. How to do it? Kickstarter!


Our AdrenaPure Project is LIVE on Kickstarter


We also launched a Kickstarter campaign for AdrenaPure to raise the funds needed for the development our application (mainly for the licenses we need to purchase). We’re not asking for an outrageous amount and we feel really confident this will get done.


We’re also giving cool stuff like:

–       The full version of Adrenapure and further updates

–       A Cardboard VR headset

–       An Adrenapure T-shirt

–       Lifetime Early Access to Timewalk

–       And more.


You can check out our campaign here and get an exclusive preview of the app through the free demo you can try right now.


Be careful, this is an intense app! It’s even more exciting than the famous Roller Coaster VR app you might know from Oculus and you’ll have it with you on your smartphone everywhere.



Please check out the campaign and help us by sharing, liking or even backing our campaign!


Thank you!

Latest Updates 01/06

Latest Updates 01/06

We are sorry we haven’t updated our blog lately. Please excuse us and trust that we are working our ass off for  a surprise for you guys. All I can say is that we are very busy with our new kickstarter campaign 🙂

Here are the latest updates:

Alexandru Iacob

  • Integrated the Humanoid into TS Demo Unity 5
  • Finished measuring the Billboards in Times Square – measured the size of the billboards in 3DS Max and I introduced the data into an Excel file where using a formula I calculated the optimal resolution for each Billboard, and then created the textures in photoshop
  • Started to create the new User Interface in Unity 5 (work in progress)

Cornel Harsan

– demo tshirt designs to put on kickstarter (thx Paul for the ideas:) )
– I choosed the logo from the first proposals
– I have the laptop with me in case you guys agree on any change


t-shirt_V2 t-shirt_V3 t-shirt_V4 t-shirt_V5 t-shirt_V6 t-shirt_V7 t-shirt_V8 t-shirt_V1


Cristian Bronescu –

AdrenaPure Oculus Project:

Changed Interfaces with new name

– made oculus interface more accesible(bigger/wider)

– tweaked mouse pointer accuracy, to work smoothly with the new interface

-application exe build

– video capture:



AdrenaPure Helicopter Android Project:

– Updated to Unity 5.0

– changed all Mesh Coliders into Box Coliders, (Unity 5 requirement: Collider must have less than 256 vertices!)

– integrated street Details, build went up to 148 MB

– application android build


AdrenaPure Helicopter iOS Project:

– integrated Durovis Dive SDK as Google Cardboard SDK for iOS doesn’t support magnetic sensor currently

– made build for iPhone 5s , requires Jailbreak and AppSync installed as we don’t have an iOS license and developer account

– application iOS build

– video capture:



TS Demo NoTouchGUI Android Project:

– you can now walk on TS Demo, no other implementations yet

– application android build


Extra Stuff:

– Made Special Builds for Ovidiu’s Filming Session ( external camera added)

Work in progress

Work in progress

Integrated the No Touch GUI System for Cardboard into the Apartment app for cardboard – you can now move and explore the apartment using your mobile device (I’m going to post a video tomorrow morning)

  • worked on the advertising system – measured the size of the billboards in 3DS Max and I introduced the data into an Excel file where using a formula I calculated the optimal resolution for each Billboard, and then created the textures in photoshop

Billboard1 Billboard2 BillboardData


  • by measuring the billboards we can avoid the stretching of the ads
  • Reworked all the street details for the Helicopter android app for better performance and size
  • for example we used to have 195 sewers (111 triangles each, 21645 total) – now we have 222 triangles total for 195 sewers using a Quad and transparent textures

CanalAfter CanalBefore CanalComparisson


CanalTrotAfter CanalTrotBefore CanalTrotComparisson

StalpMicAfter StalpMicBefore

FatherDuffyAfter FatherDuffyBefore StalpMediuAfter StalpMediuBefore StatuieAfter StatuieBefore



Cristian Bronescu

— TS Helicopter Demo Oculus—-


– created UI Menu :

— Play Demo – goes to Helicopter Crash Scene

— added “Go to Main Menu” and “Return” Buttons in UI Menu

— Just Fly  – goes to Helicopter Animation Path Level where player has the possiblity to increase speed and sides tilt

— Settings – with following submenus: video, audio etc.

— About Us – redirects to our website

— Quit – ends up demo

TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-42-56-20 TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-43-07-99

TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-41-35-01 TS Helicopter Demo Oculus 2015-05-26 13-41-51-94

– created 3d pointer for Oculus support, mapping the mouse cursor

– tweaked helicopter animation path

– tweaked helicopter smoke( changing smoke color to dark, only makes it invisible)

– made posibility to switch between menu/helicopter ovr cameras (esc key)


— TS Helicopter Demo Windows —-


– made a FPS Camera having same menus as on Oculus Version, for presentations, etc.

TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-44-19-26

TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-36-43 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-41-98 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-46-10 TS Helicopter Demo FPS 2015-05-26 13-43-50-33



— TS Helicopter Demo Andoird —-


– remade a new project with simplified location(all buildings except street details) and basic helicopter logic

– build having 80MB, can be improved a little (eliminate duplicate source images)

Unity 2015-05-13 21-31-19-22 Unity 2015-05-13 21-31-49-57 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-05-49 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-17-80 Unity 2015-05-13 21-32-43-73 Unity 2015-05-26 13-47-17-01 Unity 2015-05-26 13-49-29-88


— TS Helicopter Demo iOS —-


– project conversion failed on XCode, mainly because of Google CardBoard SDK- not compatible with iOS

– found a modified Cardboard SDK for iOS , need to be tested

– found a alternative for Cardboard SDK, called Dive SDK from Durovis available for iOS and Android, had to be tested also


Technology Demand: Why will people choose Virtual Reality?

Technology Demand: Why will people choose Virtual Reality?

We live in the Information and Technology bubble. You, me and many others are the ones using, building, developing and implementing the technology into reality and vice versa. Those of us that will embrace it will thrive. The others will follow shortly or fall behind as we have already experienced in 1999 with the technology and internet boom.

The world has reached 7 billion people in 2012 and is on its way to 8 billion people within the next 12 years. (See the Wikipedia chart below)

All those 1 billion new people, in the next 12 years, will demand clothing, food, energy, shopping, and shelter and only emerging technology will be able to satisfy that demand.

World population milestones (USCB estimates)
(in billions)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Year 1804 1927 1959 1974 1987 1999 2012 2026 2042
Years elapsed –– 123 32 15 13 12 13 14 16


Businesses are now using marketing techniques that seemed impossible 20 years ago!

Some sophisticated shoppers prefer online shopping to save time and have more choice. They use laptops, tablets and mobile apps which 10 years ago did not exist.

According to the eMarketer, an online study available at: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Global-B2C-Ecommerce-Sales-Hit-15-Trillion-This-Year-Driven-by-Growth-Emerging-Markets/1010575) that shows that the B2C online retail business has reached a value of 1.5 trillion dollars in 2014 and is set to go over 2.357 billion by 2017. Now remember, this business wasn´t here 15 years ago, and most of it was only created in the last 10 years.


Imagine webpages… every business I know has one, even some of them that have declared 15 years ago they will never accept this innovation.

Companies keeping up to date with technology and information are gaining market; a fact that stuns the conservative party and amuses the tech open minded party.


Some children growing up 20-30 years ago took over, took over multi-billion dollar companies that have done the same business for decades or even centuries and haven´t changed the strategy or tools too much. Other children grew up embracing the technology, developing themselves as they developed their businesses.


Here are few examples:

  • Airbnb gained about 50 billion dollars slice of the accommodation industry in about 5 years, compared to Hilton, Marriott and many other large businesses in the arena, businesses that have not get there in decades. Why? Technology and a new mind set.
  • Facebook took a large share of the advertisement industry
  • Google, eBay, Travelocity,…
  • Amazon gained over all book and product selling companies and took large portion of business from those traditional non technology embracing companies.
  • Travelocity – gained a large business share over all travel agencies by adopting new techniques and new technology.
  • CISCO, a Telecommunications hardware provider– Adopted and created VOIP technology about 17 years ago and bypassed the older conservative SS7 technology companies, leaving a burning hole in the pockets of large conservative businesses like AT&T, Bell, Sprint, Verizon, and so many more… Because they first refused the new technology, they all lost billions of dollars in business before they opened their eyes… and now everyone in Telecom industry is using VOIP!
  • I know this because around the year 2000 I was one of the first adopters of VOIP technology through one of my first companies, NECC Telecom inc, followed by five other companies. This VOIP technology brought me over 500 million dollars in business ever since, and continues to do so.


So, 3D and Virtual Reality are here. Most of the businesses and retail stores in B2C will soon have a 3D website that will enable their customers to immerse in this new technology we call Virtual Reality so they can experience, view, try, feel and purchase the products. Why wait the second wave?


A lot of hotels, real estate, properties, businesses, cities and countries will soon be in 3D. Users will flood the virtual malls, shopping areas and the virtual tourist destinations.

Will your business be among the first to adopt this innovation, or will you wait until you see others succeed and start on the back foot?


The choice is all yours. I can only say for certain that you will one day embrace the VR and 3D technology; the question is how soon?

I just hope it will not be too late before you allow your customers to experience a positive impact with your business through 3D and Virtual Reality. The earlier you get into it, you earn time and experience and you can access a high percentage of these new billion users that will be joining the market in the next 12 years; not to mention the 7 billion technology savvies that are already here!


Join TimeWalk today, to receive our newsletters.


Daniel Popa


TimeWalk Technologies

What the future could bring

What the future could bring

We have been talking a lot lately about what it is that we are doing here. But these talk have mostly been focused on what we already know we want to develop. What about all the things that Timewalk could be, but we just don’t know yet? We are thinking about building a new kind of social platform, a new kind of on-line shop, a new kind of ad-delivery system, a new platform for games and all kinds of social activities. But what about the things we haven’t thought about yet?

There are people that, upon glancing at some of our ideas, asked all kinds of questions. Is it ethical to do this? Where can this go? What does it offer that makes it stand out? And I would like to answer some of these questions.

There has been a lot of talk in the last 10 years or so about what social media has done to people. How it made them interact without actually interacting. How it took communication from something that meant having a face to face conversation to what it is now – cell phones, social media, e-mail, etc. And while it might be true, what we are proposing is a step in the “right” direction. Yes, you will still be sitting in front of a computer – or running a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality application on your mobile device, but you will be interacting with the other person as if they were actually there. You will be seeing them, hearing them, watching them smile and gesture. But let’s think even further ahead. Let’s look at what technology might be bringing us in the next 10-20 years.

If we look back, human civilization has always been built on technology. Over the course of human history, there have been several “golden ages” of discovery and innovation. But to me, there has never been one that comes close to what we have now. We have made more progress over the last 50 years than in all of human history combined. Every day we are coming up with new ideas and inventions that will help push mankind forward. Think about all the great things that have happened in medicine in the last 50 years. Astronomy, physics, chemistry, engineering. We have embedded technology in all aspects of modern life and we are still working on new devices and new technologies.

Getting back to Virtual Reality, think about the fact that, when first invented, about 30 years ago, the technology was so expensive and the performances so poor that it was dropped and forgotten until just a few years ago. Now we are seeing a new major innovation every few months. From the “simple” and now affordable VR headset to the Omni – a platform that captures the user’s movements and transmits them to the computer, to VR gloves and motion sensors that can track hand movement and gestures. What will come next?

How about gloves that can simulate touch? That offer feedback in the form of electric current which is interpreted by our brain as touching? We have already developed such equipment in the form of prosthetic arms that can make the user actually feel what he’s touching.

How about a VR kit as light and small as a pair of glasses? One that offers a much better resolution, wireless connection, is able to register hand movements…maybe even facial expressions… But why stop here?

I hear talks about a company developing some sort of computer chip that we can implant in our brains enhancing our capabilities – and no, I don’t mean superpowers, I mean better memory, easier learning, maybe even instant access to millions of books. What if we could, through the use of such a micro-chip (or similar technologies), smell, taste and touch things in VR? After all, the senses are “just electrical impulses interpreted by your brain” – as Morpheus said in the Matrix. What would Virtual Reality become then?

It would be, in my opinion, the gateway to the entire world. You could indeed visit Paris. But not just look at the buildings, but feel the warm wind, smell the air, taste the food. You could indeed shop. Feel the fabric of that t-shirt that you like, smell the perfumes in a perfume store and decide which one you like. Taste a little bit of chocolate before buying a one-year supply 🙂 Feel the temperature of the water in Hawaii and then book the flight. And so on. The list of possibilities is endless.

So I ask you now, do you think that what we are doing is right? Do you think that it’s worth while supporting us? Supporting our “little” project?

I think it is. We are pushing the boundaries of technology, creating something that will benefit humanity in the decades to come. We are creating the building blocks of future technologies, or at least laying a foundation for the applications of these technologies. We will be creating a market for these technologies, and we will keep developing applications that use these technologies. And then we will move to the next level…holograms! 🙂 Just kidding…maybe…


Ioan Mihali

Senior Software Developer

TimeWalk Inc.

The Future of Virtual 3D Real Estate Properties

The Future of Virtual 3D Real Estate Properties

In the last few months, Virtual Reality gained popularity very fast, and billions of dollars are invested into it by major corporations like Facebook, Google, Samsung and many others.
If you have not yet become a big fan of 3D or Virtual Reality, then you should bring yourself up to speed in order not to be in the dark or not to feel left behind like some many people felt when the Internet Boom started.
You might not yet understand how or why Virtual Reality will change your life in the very near future and you might even be skeptic of this new technology; however it will soon engulf your daily life in all its aspects. One of them will be 3D Real Estate – soon your own property will be part of this virtual 3D world.
You will be able to use TimeWalk 3D mobile app to check on your virtual property, life, interests and people around you on a constant basis as you use your mobile phone…
You will soon be able to scan and load the interior and the exterior of your own property or of any product into TimeWalk, by simply using your mobile device or tablet.
Soon, the Internet and mobile browsing will be in 3D, using virtual reality with TimeWalk apps that will make everything easier and faster for you.

One may ask why we even need such a thing – 3D Virtual Reality or Virtual Real Estate apps!
Well… the answer is very simple.
Imagine you want to buy or rent a home in a different city, or even in your own city. First you will have to search and locate an area, then go through hundreds of pictures and videos of houses in the chosen area, try to locate the house with GPS tools like Google Earth, Street View or with maps, then choose a few of those properties after agreeing with your spouse or partner. Next step will be to call a realtor, set up a date and time for a viewing, take off from work or use a weekend, fly or drive to the location and visit as many properties you can in order to decide on which one to purchase/rent. Sounds familiar?
I personally went through this process 12 times in the last 20 years and I can state it is really stressful and time consuming.
Now imagine using a 3D Virtual Reality platform by logging into TimeWalk. You will be able to view all the houses for sale in any area, city or country of your choice. You will have access to a bird´s eye view of the property and of the entire neighborhood, lakes, streams and rivers, flora and fauna, stores, restaurants and any other points of interest in the area.
Then, slowly zoom in and out to the property of your choice. If you zoom in enough, you will be walking around the property or inside it. You will be able to view any room or any closet of that house, you may even talk to anyone you see or meet there. You may call and invite your spouse; family or friends and they will be able to teleport instantly and join you. You will be able to invite your realtor and the property agent to join and to give you more details about the property. And that is not all…
The 3D virtual experience is just like a real life experience, your mind is tricked into believing you are in the real location, and you will also be able to see small details like the face of your partner, friends or family members, paintings on the walls, writings, graffiti, or even details of the furniture and beadings.
You can change the color of the walls in your property, plant trees or drag and drop furniture into the rooms, fully furnish the property for a clearer view, before you even purchase or move there. By a simple click you can save all the items and have them delivered to your doorstep later.
No more mistakes: always choose the good color for your walls, always purchase furniture that fits perfectly to your house design. Interior design will be done easily and instantly! The good news is that this applies to exterior design and landscape as well – using the power of drag-and-drop. To make the purchase from the stores/companies or to hire professionals that can deliver just click on the drop menu.
Wait… There is more! Wherever you go in the real or virtual world, you can save and store items for future views. You can send items for new decorations you are planning to the room you desire or even clothing items to your wardrobe. A simple click on any item in your home will take you to the specific store where you have originally found it.

Example of clicks in your home:
Clicking on a sofa or on any piece of furniture: your furniture wish list will open. Simply drag and drop any item into the room or click to teleport to the retail store that sales that item.
Clicking on the carpet/wallpaper: the carpets/wallpaper wish list will open. Simply drag and drop the carpet/wallpaper into the room or click to teleport to the retail store that sales it.
Clicking on the lightbulb or stove: will take you to the electric/natural gas company to pay your bill, order new service, talk to a representative, and so on…
Clicking on your TV: will take you to your family videos, logs of 3D videos or any videos you saved while enjoying TimeWalk.
So, why virtual Real Estate? Now imagine the commercial aspect! Having instant access to all the services and items from any store you like! Anywhere in the world. Anytime. Instantly.

Daniel Popa

Timewalk: Virtual Homes of the Future

Timewalk: Virtual Homes of the Future

The home is one of the most essential necessities of the human race, next to food and clothing.

We do not know too much of the role of a home in ancient times; we know that it was always a place where families and tribes used to gather, eat, celebrate and rest. We can also deduct the importance of a home by the personal touch and by the impressions we find, starting with the cave paintings of the Neolithic and Paleolithic times to the extravagant Roman Empire villas to today’s modern, computerized home of the average citizen.

The homes are not only shelters, they are more profound, giving us a sense of security, peace and integrity; they “contain food and fire for the mind as well for the body”.

Little we might think of the future virtual homes, or what role they will play in our lives, but we may soon find ourselves hooked on these gadgets, just like we did with other technologies like electricity, gas, phones, internet and so on…

TimeWalk is giving you the Virtual Home of your dreams or an identical virtual copy of the one you have today. Soon, a virtual home in TimeWalk will be your gateway for everything you can imagine. It will be the entrance point into TimeWalk social media platform; from where you will be able to reach any VR and 3D platform on the planet.

Your VR home will be linked to your real physical home, a virtual portal where you can get inspired and improve your life.

From your VR Home, you could:

  • Open the fridge and order food;
  • Go to the wardrobe, try on clothes and choose what to wear for the party of the night or for next day at work;
  • Teleport to your favorite mall, meet your friends and go on a shopping spree extravaganza.
  • While shopping, simply drag and drop clothes into your wardrobe (you will be able to purchase them on the spot or later);
  • A click on any item in your home will be a link to the physical items in the real world.
    • A click on a light bulb – might take you to the electric company where you can solve any issues
    • A click on the stove – might take you to the payment platform for your natural gas bill
    • A click on anything – can connect you to the supplier instantly
  • Watch the family videos on your TV or link them to YouTube
  • Change the paint or wallpapers of your walls, or order new colors just on one click
  • Redecorate your home virtually, before you do it physically
  • Change the furniture in your house or drag and drop any furniture from any store in VR, check the design before spending any cash in purchasing that furniture
  • Check where your friends are hanging out in the Virtual World, then step in and join them
  • Meet friends and socialize.

The psychology of home will soon change with the adoption of VR Homes by the masses.


It is human nature to distinguish ourselves from other or make a social statement; however, one of the clear benefits in VR Homes will be that we will be able to advertise, sale or buy a house with more ease. One can just teleport and visit a house for sale/rent anywhere on the planet, from the comfort of his computer.

Most Westerners believe that “your psychology, and your consciousness and your subjectivity don’t really depend on the place where you live,” as William S. Sax says in his book, “They come from inside — from inside your brain, or inside your soul or inside your personality.” But for many South Asian communities, a home isn’t just where you are, it’s who you are. It is life´s backstage.

If home is where the heart is, then by its most literal definition, Virtual homes bring a solution to us. I could have a New Year´s drink with my friends and family from all over the world in the comfort of my own place.

Virtual homes might also increase the financial education and involvement to children, allowing them to play games that will engage their imagination and prepare them for the real world.

Memories are also linked to the physical environment. When you visit a place you used to live, these cues can make you revert back to the person you were when you lived there. A virtual copy of your home will make you aware of the past and the present, increase your self-esteem and shape your character.

A home is a home because it blurs the line between the self and the surroundings, and challenges the line we try to draw between who we are and where we are.


Daniel Popa



Timewalk: The Past into the Future

Timewalk: The Past into the Future

I grew up as a child trying to imagine what the future will be like. How humans will live 1,000 years from now. Later, I was asking myself all kinds of questions about technology and the impact of overpopulation, space travel, and whatnot… things that most children are questioning even today! It never crossed my mind that I will be personally laying a brick in forming that future. However, I never wanted to go to, or travel into the future. I was always more interested in finding a way to go back, to travel into the past, if such a thing was possible.

It only occurred to me in 2013 how all this could be accomplished. I was so shocked that I could not take my mind off the ramifications of such a possibility for months. Yes, I had finally realized this was achievable through Virtual Reality and AI software combined, in the form of a trip into a Virtual Memory. More than a physical trip thorough the space-time dimension, and yet, the VR Time Travel is just as real as the real experience, for the mind of the traveler will be tricked into believing the things he sees, and on top of that, the images he sees will be the images of the real past, and the people he encounters there are the AI memory of people that really lived in that past. People that trained their Humanoids and loaded their knowledge, their consciousness, into the AI of those Humanoids, those will be the people future travelers will encounter. So, as we develop this project, you should realize that it is you and me, and those around us, our cities and our way of life, those future travelers will encounter!

I immediately started writing down ideas on this possibility, and I started looking for a team that could build such a software for me. I found a great team, and in February 2014 I traveled to meet them in Brasov, a remote city in Transylvania, at the edge of the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania. It would have not been my first project, for I have created 6 other technology companies in the last 12 years, all with over 10 million dollars in yearly revenue. However, this one was special. This one was clearly the biggest project I could have ever imagined and I called it TimeWalk.

Imagine you could use Virtual Reality and the Oculus Rift goggles or any other 3D device to immerse yourself and walk into the past, meet and talk with loved ones that have passed away, or take your children to meet grandparents, and great grandparents, to strengthen the family bond and learn about the family’s heritage.

Take students into VR History and show them the real history, let them feel it and live it as if they were a part of that time. Let them talk to Einstein or Stephen Hawking, see the horrors of war and watch the struggle of global warming and pollution. Let them talk to the inhabitants of different countries and cities and find out the things they believed in… and that is how the real history will be written in the future.

Imagine a doctor 200 years from today, being able to chat with the doctor that conducted the first original experiments on a cure for a complex disease or to the scientist that made a radical breakthrough… imagine the knowledge and the potential of such a thing, imagine the future being part of the past, literally. The ramifications are unimaginable at this time, yet TimeWalk will attempt to do all this and encourage other to join.

The simple fact that future generations will be able to travel into the past, even thousands of years from that day, is because we are imagining, developing and creating the tools for it. We are the ones opening the “GATEWAY”, allowing that access starting today. Join us now, so we can make this dream, this future that we have imagined, come to life!

Daniel Popa


TimeWalk Inc.

TimeWalk Virtual Commerce

TimeWalk Virtual Commerce

The internet boom was big, the majority of the business were happy to be able to promote their products and services online. And yes, I agree, it did a great job, and is still doing so. And even more, companies like Amazon and eBay came along with great and user friendly tools to help other companies promote their products and help the consumer find products with ease, and so the E-commerce was born. But the nicest thing was that each and every business had a Web Page where they could show-case their products and services in 2D, and sometimes even attach a video via YouTube.

However, by 2013 not everybody was happy with what the internet had to offer, some people wanted more than a great internet tool, some people were thinking of a new vision, a new era in eCommerce, social media and advertisement… and questioned if what the internet offered was enough, or maybe there had to be more to it… and yes, there was! I know because I was one of these people.

TimeWalk is working on a 3D Virtual Commerce Platform. A VR platform that will revolutionize and change the way we shop and interact with the products we are viewing online. Imagine you will be able not only to view products in 3D, but you will be able to also test their functionality and view them at work, or view them in your home, before you have even purchased them.

Imagine you are shopping for furniture for your home, but before you even think about spending that kind of cash, you will be able to drag and drop that furniture into the TimeWalk virtual replica of your home. You will be able to immerse yourself in your 3D Virtual home and view the furniture you plan on buying… but this time you will view it in the room where you wanted it… in your own 3D VR Home and from any angle. You will be able to invite family members to look at it, and while you are all immersed in this Virtual Reality, into a 3D replica of your home, you may discuss and hear their opinion on the furniture… or maybe you all decide to teleport to other Virtual Furniture stores to find your favorite furniture.

Or, imagine you want a new pair of jeans, a new dress, or new shoes… what one usually does, we go online and look at 2D pictures of our favorite brands, then we buy… well that will soon change… what TimeWalk proposes is that you try on your favorite brand, see how it fits instead of hoping and praying that the size you choose fits you. And then you can pair up your new pair of jeans with shoes or with your favorite shirt. You may even send it to your Virtual Wardrobe, try it on and see what it will match of the tens of other things you have in there… than decide what to purchase… Or simply just send it to your Virtual Wardrobe and try it on later. You will never forget where you’ve seen that beautiful dress, for it will always be in your VR Wardrobe… just click on it and you will be teleported to the original store where you found it in the first place.

This will happen with each and every product… it will be replicated in Virtual Reality. Furthermore, we, here at TimeWalk ,are changing the way internet will be viewed… you will simply teleport to a place, a store, a shop or a business in TimeWalk and engage face-to-face in 3D Virtual Commerce with the employees or the sales team of a company instead of viewing product pictures online.

With TimeWalk, you will soon walk the web at your pace, instead of surfing it.

Every product you will view, will no longer be a still 2D picture, for it will be a 3D render of the real thing.

Well, that is only a small glimpse of what Virtual Commerce will be able to do for you. Follow us at https://timewalk.tw and you will find so many more such glimpses about future VR gadgets in the weeks to come.

Daniel Popa


TimeWalk Inc.

TimeWalk Simulated Reality

TimeWalk Simulated Reality

It may have been ten thousand years ago when humans first started to come together and form communities, invent, develop new tools and share information, yet 2000 years ago they formed the greatest civilization that ever existed, the Roman civilization… a civilization not only built on technology and innovation, but a civilization that was savvy for information and it went to great extents to obtain it… even to the point of the sword.

Over the ages, people invented Agriculture, domesticated Animals, and created tools to make their lives easier. Every generation stepped forward, rising on the knowledge of its predecessors and the knowledge became a stream of information that humanity could not have evolved without. There were the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the invention of Flight, the invention of Computing and then, the technological “Big BANG”… the Internet Era happened. If one looks back only 100 years, people were coming to USA in sail and steam boats, and the automobile was the laughing stock of many. 50 years ago, one could not imagine a color TV, only about 20 years ago cell phones became known and affordable to the masses and 15 years ago Internet and Email was a thing of wonder.  That’s when Google happened, with about 30 employees,  then Amazon, then eBay. 10 years ago the “dot com” era was at it’s peak and when it crashed, it left a lot of people wandering: what will happen next in the field of technology? And then .. the SOCIAL wave happened with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype and many more…

Than in August 2012… a new Technology is born… a Technology unimaginable, unheard of and unthinkable, just as intriguing as the ones before it but even more powerful than the Internet Itself. THIS IS THE OCULUS RIFT! This technology brought back a long forgotten tech that is the 3D Virtual Reality.

Then, in 2014, Oculus Rift breaks the ice and the first 3D goggles come out…and then the owners get 2 billion dollars for their invention from Facebook. And this is only the beginning of this great technology, you are merely seeing the tip of the iceberg.

If internet got to where it is today in just 10 years, then 3D Virtual Reality is the new reality of the present.

Imagine, with 3D Virtual Reality you can roam the internet, not in a browser window, but in a Simulated Reality platform and you can interact with anything and anyone in 3D. Imagine you can instantly travel to cities like New York, Paris, Dubai or San-Francisco in 3D Simulated Reality and do your shopping, meet people, do business or just visit and interact. That is what the 3D VR will give humanity in the next few years. Imagine you can have front seats to your favorite game or at your favorite theatere play or favorite show. You can be present at a new song release by your favorite artist or on the sets of your favorite movie. Almost everything you can do in real life, you can do in the TimeWalk Simulated Reality. And here is the creepy part of it… your humanoid is an (AI), Artificial Intelligence, and will soon be able to represent you in this Simulated Reality. You will be able to teach it all you know, and it will behave just like you, and represent you to future generations.

This is not Time Travel, but is not far from it, because future generations will be able to go back in time, visit and chat with you in TimeWalk, just as intelligently as you chat with anyone around you today. Imagine, what if Einstein would have had a chance to load his thoughts into a TimeWalk AI? You or any student in the world, would be able to chat with him today, now, at any minute, anytime… and he would reply to you with the knowledge and intelligence of Einstein himself. That is what TimeWalk Simulated Reality is all about. It’s about the future, it’s about empowering the next generation, empowering the future of humankind.

We shall never waste intelligence through a thing called death, for any one will be able to load it into a Simulated Reality Platform in TimeWalk.

Written by,

Daniel Popa



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What is TimeWalk?

TimeWalk is the first complete 3D Virtual Reality that allows you to travel anywhere, scan your own environment and publish it in 3D.

You can create your own look-alike 3D avatar and communicate with friends or family. It`s the first realistic 3D social media platform in the world.

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