The TimeWalk 3D social media platform will be an exciting experience on the whole. It is far more interesting than just reading articles, watching a movie or scrolling down to review some random posts. You can choose the content you want to not only see, but experience.

You’ll be able to walk around and interact with your environment just like in a video game, but the key element is that TimeWalk is interconnected with the real life just like a website is.  Beyond being just exciting, TimeWalk can be also very useful and will help you make your life easier.

Here’s what TimeWalk might help you to do:

1. Sell or rent out your apartment a lot easier 

Because you will be able to scan it easily with your smartphone and then invite interested people to walk around in it and explore it. Scanning you apartment is easy to do with technology like this.

2. Find a place to rent

If it’s easier to rent out why shouldn’t it be easier to find something to buy or rent also? It will me much easier to see if you like how a place is laid out by visiting the 3D model before you actually go over there. This will also be useful for digital nomads or location independents who need to rent something even before they move to a new country.

3. Communicate better with friends or family who are far away

You will be able to meet with your friends anywhere in the world or even in the 3D model of your home. You’ll be able to communicate with your friend’s look-alike 3D avatar that mimics his gestures in real-time. An interesting experience to say the least.

4. Shop for things that are not available in your country

Shopping malls and boutique stores or even art galleries will have a 3D replica of their physical store in TimeWalk with all the products being featured there. You’ll be able to visit these shops and buy anything you want.

5. Showcase your own products and make them more available


You can not only shop, but set up your own 3D virtual shop and scan your products to make them available to more people around the world.

6. Organize your travels better

 Before going to a place you’ll be able to explore it in 3D and roam the streets in the center of the city. You’ll be able to choose and even book a hotel directly from TimeWalk.

7. Stop telecommuting


TimeWalk will have 3D virtual offices and companies, especially in the IT zone, will be very interested in transforming them into their new workplace for remote employees. You can be home, but still in an office, it’s a win-win.

8. Hold cool webinars (or attend them)

Webinars will become much more interesting when you can talk through your 3D look-alike humanoid to a crowd of 3D humanoids.  Maybe even the fear of public speaking will go away a little bit.

9. Relax

 It’s a new way to go out even when you are not in the mood to go out or when you simply can’t.

10. Meet new people

 In TimeWalk it will be really easy to meet new people, it’s somehow easier to approach someone’s 3D avatar, even if it looks exactly like him or her.

This is just a small part of the things you are going to be able to do. People can get creative and use TimeWalk in thousands of different way. Have we managed to arouse your interest? Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to find out how to get early access to the Demo we launch in August.

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