The First Realistic 3D Social Media Platform

What we are proposing is a leap of faith and knowledge, something unheard of and as bold as the human mind can be.

We’re developing the first 3D Virtual Reality for you to explore freely from the comfort of your home, cost-free. We`re creating the most advanced content sharing platform yet, something that will make words like teleportation or virtual immortality seem less unlikely.

And it’s all possible now!

The technology needed to make all this possible is already here. Some is in development and will soon be launched. You will soon be able to interact with your friends in a 3D copy of your city.

TimeWalk will also offer the option of virtual immortality within ethical boundaries.The platform will allow you to seamlessly record your thoughts, ideas or even your behavior so they can be accessed by generations to follow.

Join us in this great adventure. We launch this year!

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We are excited about our project and super sociable. Contact us if you have questions, would like to contribute with your feedback or partner with us. We`ll reply quickly.

Location & Hours

We`re based in the US and Romania and work around the clock to develop TimeWalk and its new features. Here`s where to find us.

1740h Dell Range Blvd 281
Cheyenne, WY 82009-4946
United States

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